Survey: Do People Help Road Accident Victims in India?

A road accident also known as a motor vehicle collision (MVC), traffic accident, or a car crash occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, animal, pedestrian, road debris or other moving or stationary objects, such as a tree or a light pole. Road accidents involve human suffering in terms of death, injuries, loss of efficiency etc.

We all have definitely seen a road accident at least once in our lifetime and seen a crowd gathering around the area where the tragedy occurs or even may have been a part of the crowd. But how many of us have genuinely helped the person involved in the mishap? What’s our first reaction to seeing a road accident and what do we expect from others if God forbids we met with such a fate? To get a clearer view a survey was conducted for the age group ranging from 15 to 40 and here is the analysis of the same.

1. What’s your first thought when you see a road accident?

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Almost 75% of the people tend to want to help or actually help people in road accidents. And about 18% gets outraged or shocked at such instances, as they believe that reason for such a collision is rash driving or carelessness at the driver’s end. And only 8% choose to ignore someone in such a fatal situation.

2. How often do you see a road accident in your town/city?

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About 40% people often see collisions happening in their localities whereas 58% rarely see any crashes. And only about 2% people see car collision very often in their city.

3. Have you ever helped a stranger in a road accident and why so? 

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About 65% people have helped strangers involved in traffic collisions in one way or the other, like providing for first aid, giving a lift till a medical center, calling an ambulance etc. Most of them did so out of humanity as they believe that loss of a life is loss of humanity, but their goodness has also put a few of them in trouble. And about 35% haven’t ever helped any stranger as they fear cop harassment, didn’t have the time or opportunity or someone had already extended their helping hand.

4. What do you expect for yourself in case you meet with a road accident?

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Well that’s obvious that everyone wants help from someone to get medics to attend him or her.

Road accidents are destructive and happen due to several reasons. It may or may not be the driver’s fault but an accident victim ought to be helped immediately. But in India a large number of people fear in doing so due to police harassment as helping others lands them in trouble with daily rounds of the police station and courts. Helping someone in need is a noble deed and everyone expects the same for themselves. So drive safe and be safe and help someone in need.

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