Swan Dies After Idiot Tourist Drags it Out For a Selfie

It was only last month that beachgoers in Argentina killed a dolphin after plucking it out of water for selfies. This lady just goes to show that the human race doesn’t seem to have learned from its mistakes. A female tourist dragged a swan from a lake in Macedonia, Europe so that she could pose for a photo and left it to die on the beach.


The woman is shown grabbing the poor swan by its wing from the lake and dragged it the shore of beach of Lake Ohrid (declared a world heritage site in UNESCO in 1979). Witnesses say the swan did not react as the woman walked upto it as they are used to the presence of tourists. The unwitting swan had no idea it would be dragged out against its will so the woman can pose and smile for photographs. Despite the swan clearly resisting and looking visibly tormented, the tourist believed to be Bulgarian and part of a larger Bulgarian tourist group continued to pose for the camera. Witnesses according to the Macedonia Online said the bird ‘remained motionless on the beach after the encounter’, and later died.

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