Take It All Off! 7 Nudist Holiday Destinations to Visit in 2017

Do you dare to bare it all?

Have you been feeling all adventurous and bold? Or are you desperately in need of a holiday? How about going on a vacation to exotic, nude destinations around the globe? Oh boy, we are not kidding, there are destinations where roaming naked is legitimate and is embraced with whole-heartedly.

While many might criticise the whole concept of holidaying naked, we see it as a great experience where you can challenge your inner-self and step out of your comfort zone.

While some might consider it as a perverted practice, nudists believe that being naked simply means that the human body is most beautiful in its natural state; your body size, shape, and colour, nothing matters. Science proves that being naked helps you in releasing stress and makes you feel confident about yourself.

It’s time to embrace life in its natural form and enjoy raw beauty. Bayside Journal brings to you a list of the best nude destinations from around the globe. Get ready to strip naked and explore your raw side.

Spiaggia di Guvano (Corniglia, Italy)

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

What could be better than walking around nude near the seashore with no worries? Spiaggia di Guano literally means “hot Italians without clothing”; now you know why this spot is so popular among tourists. Tucked away on the Northwest coast of Italy, reaching this destination is fun. You will be rewarded with stunning views. Of course, we are talking about the seacoast. Now, isn’t that fun?

Perks: Less crowd, more fun.

Hiccups: No bar to beer!

boBRENE on Tamborine (Australia)

Located near the Gold Coast of Queensland, boBRENE lets you enjoy a nude lifestyle in the best way possible. When looking for a clothes-free vacation, this small resort is the spot to be. From live barbecue, karaoke, spa to a bonfire, pool time, and dancing, everything requires you to be naked. This place is intimate and only for adults.

Perks: Adventure in nature.

Hiccups: Not ‘that’ adventure in nature

Bare Necessities Tour and Travel Nude Cruise

If cruise vacations are your thing, then here is a twist that makes it even more interesting and exciting. Imagine this: extensive buffets, live performances, swimming pools, and beautiful naked people all around. Now doesn’t that sound like paradise? Bare Necessities Tour and Travel Nude Cruise has been organising nude vacations for customers since 1990. The only cruise where you can step out of your room wearing nothing, literally nothing, save your stunning smile.

Perks: Naked beauties all around.

Hiccups: Too many to count.

Red Beach (Crete, Greece)

People from all around the globe have been visiting Greece for its beautiful locales and lip-smacking delicacies. While most of the beautiful beaches here are perfect for families to spend a sunny day, there are also some places where you can freely try out skinny dipping. Twenty-five minutes away from Matala, Red Beach is apt for people who dare to bare it all. All you need is only your bath towel after a swim.

Perks: There is a bar that serves some food and drinks.

Hiccups: The sand on the beach is rough at some places, which might hurt your essential body parts.

Hotel Zum Walde (Stolberg, Germany)

Have you ever heard of a hotel where being naked is a must! Hidden in the Northwest forests of Moselle (Germany), this place is heaven for all the people who love being close to nature. Get ready to say no to clothes amidst the sauna, steam baths, spa, and hot water baths.

Perks: The place has a strict dress code that is your “birthday” suit on certain locations!

Hiccups: You might see people who are dressed.

Naked City (Cap d’Agde, France)

There are tonnes of nudist resorts and hotels in France. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that stripping in France is as important as tasting fine wine. You’ll be surprised to know that there is actually a town that is dedicated to nudists. Yes, you heard us right! This is the best place to know how it feels to follow an au naturel (naked) lifestyle.

Perks: Too many sexy naked bodies.

Hiccups: You might get bored of nudity.

Agati Island Beach (Lakshadweep)

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

Disappointed that an Indian location didn’t make it to the list? You better not be. Rich in lagoons and coral reefs, this beach in Lakshadweep is breathtakingly beautiful. Popular for its scenic beauty, this place has a lot of natural beauty to offer. It is said that people are often spotted topless or taking a skinny dip in the waters. It is frequently visited by nudists in large numbers.

Perks: Nude beaches do exist in India.

Hiccups: Beware! Nudity is still illegal in India and there are chances you might be fined for this offence.

Khao Yai National Park (Thailand)

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

Don’t get an heart attack if you spotted a magnificent elephant’s trunk at this destination; look again you might have seen something else (*wink* *wink*). Khao Yai actually offers nude hiking to all those who want to indulge in nature in your natural state of being.

Perks: Become one with nature in the real sense.

Hiccups: Take care of your junk.

As long as you are willing to give up your clothes, there is nothing to worry about. So readers, it’s time to let your body be free. Happy vacationing!

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