Tanning Beds Vs. Natural Sun Tanning

The question is, however, which one of these methods will give you better tanning results? 


“If you are not interested in using a tanning lotion in order to give yourself a sunless tan, you are left with two basic options: getting a tan at a tanning bed or getting a natural sun tan. The question is, however, which one of these methods will give you better tanning results?

Breaking Down the Rays

The reality is that there are no definite answers to this question. Both natural sun rays and tanning bed rays are made of UVB rays and UVA rays. Therefore, the science between both methods is the same. This means that, on the surface, both methods can give you the same results. On the other hand, the ratio of UVA and UVB rays in tanning beds is different from that found in the sun. As a result, the radiation levels of the rays in tanning beds are more intense than that found in the sun. In fact, studies have found that the UVA radiation in tanning beds is anywhere from three to eight times greater than natural light. These rays penetrate deeper into the skin. Therefore, in theory, the tanning bed should provide you with a deeper tan in a shorter period of time. 

Building Your Tan

In order to get a deep and long lasting tan, it is best to gradually spend time in the sun and to let your tan build. If you live in an area of the country that experiences four distinct seasons, you know that spending time in the sun is not possible throughout the year. This means it can be difficult to gradually build a tan when you go the natural route. For this reason, some tanners prefer to use a combination of tanning beds and natural tanning. In this case, it is common to get started in the tanning process in the winter or the spring and then to take the tanning outdoors when the weather is fitting.  Staying Tan Year Round

It really doesn’t matter how great of a tan you can get with the natural sun if you live in an area with four distinct seasons. Even if your tan looks great, it will fade away throughout the fall and summer if you do not find a way to maintain it. For this reason, having access to a tanning bed can definitely be a plus because you can tan throughout the year. In this way, you can have a year round tan and your skin will be far better prepared for tanning when the summer sun hits. ”   

Source by Baxter Owens