Teaser of ‘Anthem’, from the Creators of the ‘Mass Effect Trilogy’ Is Out

Anthem is the next game from Canadian game maker BioWare

The creators of “The Mass Effect Trilogy” have come up with a new sci-fi action role-playing game called “Anthem”.

Youtube/Anthem Game

A full-length trailer for the game, which gamers around the world have been waiting for, was shown at Microsoft’s E3 event yesterday. The game is said to be set in a futuristic world where we are not the only one to rule or conquer the planet. Strange and fierce creatures are seen in the trailer and a group of people in armoured suits are seen fighting. “The wall” is the only barrier they have to protect themselves from the creatures that lurk outside in the wilderness.

Youtube/Anthem Game
Youtube/Anthem Game

The game is rumoured to be EA’s response to social-action game franchises like Activision’s Destiny. The publisher also said in May that, although BioWare’s project was originally set to launch by the end of its current fiscal year, Anthem has since been delayed past March 2018.

Watch the 50-second trailer here: