Teenage Pregnancy in Modern Society

Why teenagers don't have control over their sexual hormones

Teenage pregnancy can be defined as an under-aged girl becoming pregnant with a baby that typically occurs out of marriage.  In some countries, an under-aged girl is one who is not up to 18 years, though teenage age differs from one country to the other.

Teenage pregnancy is a problem of great concern all over the world today. The rate of teenage pregnancy is in a progressive state. It carries social disgrace in many cultures of different countries. Poverty, illiteracy, irresponsible parenthood may be brought about by this teenage problem.


Some of the significant contributing factors to teenage pregnancy are the lack of awareness about unprotected sex, early marriage, lack of sex education in schools, peer pressure, lack of parental guidance and a lot more. It can cause lasting devastation in the lives of both the mother and the child. Teenagers being immature will not be able to provide good nourishment and upbringing to the child. Besides not being prepared financially and emotionally at this confusing stage of her life, the mother will not be capable of giving her best attention and love to the child which may further lead to irresponsibility towards the child.

There is a greater probability that a teenage mother may give premature birth to a baby. This creates more serious risks for the baby. Some of the dangers associated with teenage pregnancy are retinal problems, development of bleeding in the brain, intestinal problems, sudden infant death syndrome and a lot of potential congenital defects.  If it is fortunate that none of these happen, the baby is much more at risk to face a lifetime of unhealthy conditions.


The primary solution is to uproot this problem by imparting sex education in schools. If teenagers will be educated on sex matters, their curiosity will not lead them to any harsh and poor decision making that could ruin their future. Society can get rid of teenage pregnancy by creating awareness among teenagers. It becomes the duty of every parent to advise their children on sex-related issues. It is also important for parents to monitor the activities of their teens. Inculcating the right values, helping them to judge what is moral and immoral; the difference between good touch and bad touch and how to overcome peer pressure is what can solve this problem. Inability to address this problem of society will produce a generation of irresponsible adults who could ruin their lives with their own actions and consequently the lives of their loved ones.

Source by Mia Ava