10 Cool Bars You Must Drink At In Pune

A great man once said, “Here’s to alcohol; the cause of, and solution to. All of life’s problems”. Who is this great man, you ask? None other than the great Homer Simpson, of course. When such great philosophers give you free advice, it’s best to follow it to the ‘T’. Or that’s what the people of Pune decided to do by giving rise to these amazing places to drink. Go, get sloshed and make Homer proud!

1. The Bombay Bronx, Dhole Patil Road


Who says one needs to travel 2 hours to get the Mumbaiyya feel? Just walk in to The Bombay Bronx, and you’re sorted. You know you can expect it to be a super cool place when it says ‘Boss’ on the waiters’ clothes. There’s train handles suspended from the ceiling, dabbas under your tables and rickshaw selfie booths that are sure give you the complete Bombay feel. Out to please you further, they’ve got a spectacular list of drinks to choose from. Be it their kalakhatta shots, or ganne ka ‘caipirojka’, they’ll definitely give you the right kind of buzz. Make sure you pair up your drinks with their street-like chaats.

2. Frozen Monkey, Shivaji Nagar


DJs and alcohol, this place has managed to strike the right combination between the two. They have weekly karaoke nights that make the place livelier than it already is. Frozen Monkey has a wide range of alcohol options with almost every name being quirkier than the previous. It’s the perfect description of casual dining place with good music, young crowd, decent staff, well priced food and drinks and taste galore. (Drinks and food-both) Next time you’re in the mood for monkeying around, this is where to go.

3. The Little Door, Kalyani Nagar


All time is drinking time in our world. It is for this reason that The Little Door features on this list. This place explains why you don’t need to have an occasion to celebrate. TLD is one of the best places to be if you’re in the mood for laid-back drinking without any hustle-bustle. Although they have karaoke nights and music as well, it doesn’t seem to overpower your drinking experience. The drinks menu may seem small at first, but it doesn’t lack in variety. The food menu, too, deserves a mention; not just with respect to taste and variety, but also with respect to the creative and witty descriptions that follow. A big shout out to the amazing staff.

4. WTF!, Viman Nagar


WTF! has its own charm. It has an open outdoor bar and seating which sets the mood for a fun evening; especially it’s windy as well. As far as indoor seating goes, it’s comfortable and surrounds you with enthusiasm from all sides. Their food menu may be limited, but their drinks menu compensates for the loss. They proudly serve an almost never-ending list of alcohol brands, irrespective of whether it’s Indian or not. If you can’t seem to decide, their classic long island ice tea and mojito are a safe bet; they’re always heavenly. Even with their limited menu, they manage to dish out legendary French fries and scrumptious chicken platters. Mr. Owner, you should consider renaming this joint. This place is anything but WTF!
5. Stone Water Grill, Koregaon Park Annexe


To many, the word ‘perfection’ may seem a bit too over rated. However, perfection is the best way to describe Stone Water Grill. Every single aspect of this place deserves at least an eleven on ten- be it ambience, food, service or drinks. One can spend the entire night dancing here and still be highly energetic by the end of it. The buzz around is extremely contagious and the intoxicating tasty smells are bound to make your tummy grumble. They have classic flavour combinations on offer along with experimental and seemingly bold recipes as well. This place answers the age old dilemma before every date: ‘Should I go all out and pick a place that’s elegant, laid back and sophisticated, or should I pick a place with music loud enough to drown out your thoughts.’ This place has it all.

6. Euriska, Koregaon Park Annexe


All white and blue, the ambience of this place is serene in its own way. Unlike any other place, the seating arrangement is divided into three parts: Outdoor, wherein the breeze will blow your tensions; indoor, where you can lose yourself in the ambience; and the last, a section close to the stage where you can experience the live performances up close. Moving on to the drinks, sangrias and caprioskas steal the show. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the drinks are not just as show-stopper worthy. Euriska brings you the finest twists on classic cocktails with few instant hit neo cocktails. Walk in sober, leave happily sloshed.

7. The Flying Saucer Sky Bar, Viman Nagar


The Flying Saucer Sky Bar has a unique ability of transporting you to cloud nine. Perched on a rooftop overlooking the entire city of Pune and the airport, this place easily has one of the prettiest views possible. If you’ve got vertigo, then don’t worry. They even have an arrangement for indoor seating as well, which is just as special. Once you’ve managed to pull yourself away from their ambience, you’re bound to lose yourself in their 16 page long drinks menu. Providing its customers with almost any sort of drink one can imagine, they take it a step further by offering hookah as well. Music, food, drinks, hookah and a breath taking view- The flying saucer has nailed it all!

8. High Spirits, Koregaon Park Annexe


High spirits in the truest of senses, one entry inside and you’re provided with unlimited booze. The ambience makes you feel at ease, especially when they have gigs performing at the venue. As the night goes on, the party reaches its crescendo with new and fresh talents constantly performing at High Spirits. High is THE BEST place in Pune for all sorts of enthusiasts; whether you like to karaoke, enjoy theme parties, laugh at freaking ‘high’larious comedy nights, drunken Sunday brunches, chilled out Saturday nights with a few friends and a few drinks, housie, pub quizzes… phew! I could go on! If that’s not enough, the bartenders are super friendly and extremely efficient. When people say ‘high is home’, they couldn’t be more on point.

9. The Ship, Kalyani Nagar


Walk in, and the first thing you notice is that the place has been shaped up like the interiors of a ship and they seem to have used actual scraps from a real ship, hopefully a decommissioned one! The first thing you notice is the huuuge wooden bar right in the centre of the place. Even the staircase to the first floor is adorned with posters and frames with everything related to ships. The drinks on deck are pretty amazing too. Ladies, walk in on Wednesdays and you’ll be bombarded with free martinis. With a constant surge of special nights, they have special days reserved for unlimited mojitos and beer as well. Multiple visits guaranteed!

10. Atmosphere 6


Atmosphere 6 enthrals you with the superb ambience, takes you high with their entrees and main course, and then leaves you hanging on that tree with their desserts. If you want to go on a date, enjoy and have peace, then this is the place, buddies. They provide an amazing ambience and a delightful view of Viman Nagar from the 6th floor. The food tastes amazing and the quality reflects from the very first bite you take of anything that you order. The Greek cuisine is to die for and the alcohol collection with nicely aged whiskey on display. Starting with the vibrantly coloured mock tails to repel the blazing heat this summer, the refreshing thirst quenchers pave the way for a more appealing layout of soups, starters and mains. The openness and the stars above will heighten your overall experience.

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