10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Titanic


You thought you knew everything about the Titanic after watching the movie a million times? Well you were mistaken ‘coz here’s some facts you didn’t know about the iconic ship and it’s tragic fate.

1. If the Iceberg Would Have been Spotted Merely 30 seconds Before, the Captain Would have Reported it and the Titanic Might Not Have Sunk.

2. Allegedly, there was a Japanese Who Succeeded in Escaping the Ship. But When he Returned to his Country, He was Ashamed and People said He Should have Died.

3. The Four Smoke Stacks Became Very Famous after the Titanic. One of them Didn’t even Work. It was There Just Because it Looked Good.

4. More Than Half of the Life boats Were Not Filled to Capacity.

5. The Iceberg which Hit the Titanic is Floating Around the Ocean since 1000BC.

6. A Chef Charles Joughin was One of the Survivors. He Survived Because he had Drank a lot of Whiskey Before he went Underwater. The Alcohol Kept his Body Temperature Up and kept him Alive.

7. The Californian, another Ship in the Atlantic that Night, was Not very Far from the Titanic. But the Communication to them Was Delayed, and they were Unable to Rescue  Many Passengers.

8. There had Been a Life boat Drill Planned Just a Day Before the Ship Sank. It Would have Helped Passengers Immensely But it was Canceled.

9. In one of the Most Emotional Moments of the Movie, the Band Members Don’t Stop Playing Music to Calm the Passengers. The Real Band Didn’t Stop Playing Music for Hours After the Iceberg Hit Too.

10. Milton Hershey the Man Behind Hershey’s Chocolates also Had his Tickets Booked to Sail on the Titanic but he Canceled his Tickets.

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