10 Types Of Couples You Will See In College

We see a lot of coupling happening in college. It’s like there are couples and couples everywhere! We can even start categorizing them now. These are 10 kinds of couples you are likely to encounter in college.

1. The Popular Couple

couple 1

This couple is pretty and everyone wants to be like them. They can also be judgmental so beware.

2. The Academics or The Geeks

nerd couple

They rarely participate in activities or attend parties but you might bump into them, sneaking kisses in the empty lab. 😉

3. The Long Distance Relationship Couple

long d couple

They are always glued to their phones due to their long distance relationship. Weekends for them are reserved for long Skype sessions. You can forget about making plans with them on the holidays.

4. The Power Couple

These couples are well recognized for their academic ability but they are frequently seen partying on the weekends .They are always together ,you can expect both of them to be involved on and off the campus, jobs and clubs. They can even work out together!

5. The Chipku Couple


They are always holding hands and seem joined at the hip. They are so close it’s suffocating. You two are a couple. We get it.

6. The Extremely Affectionate Couple

horny c

They tend to leave a trail of smoochy sounds behind them. They are always touching each other and feeling each other up. Ughh. Get a room!

7. The Party Animals


They party almost every day. Clubbing for them is second nature. They will always miss the early morning lectures because they will be so tired from the night before. Fun to be with!

8. The Baby Makers

baby c

Their sole purpose to date is to get married and have babies! If you ever make this mistake, they will regale you with plans of their wedding, babies and even grandchildren. Have fun while it lasts, guys!

9. The Weepies

weepie c

They are always crying or fighting. Maybe the girl is possessive or the guy is a giant douchebag. The point is, they always have sad faces and the girl is almost always in tears. Why are they even together?

10. The F.R.I.E.N.DS

friend couple

Of course we are just friends, we might have heard this more then we can count. Come on, friends don’t go on romantic dates, do they?