Test The New iPad – Your Opinion Earns You a Free Apple iPad


Are you interested in getting the new iPad totally free just for testing its new feature in exchange for your feedback? Unfortunately, most people miss out on a great opportunity like this because they’re too skeptical and think its too good to be true.

Please understand that Apple is giving away iPads to people all over the world. You probably think it’s impossible to become an iPad tester for Apple, but it’s not, in fact it’s pretty easy. Most people fail to understand is that Apple needs a huge amount of people to test their new gadgets in order for them to keep the problems most gadgets tends to have after its release at a minimal.

Now I know exactly what you are probably thinking, the iPad came out last april already. Yes, this is true, but there is a more new and improve version coming out just before Christmas hit.

Good luck if you plan on getting your hands on the new iPad when Christmas comes around. Why? Well, because anytime Apple releases a new gadget, it usually gets sold out within hours, and sometimes even minutes. Well now is the best time to beat the crowd and be the first one to get the iPad totally Free, without burning a hole through your pocket.

To qualify all you have to do his complete the following steps and the iPad could be yours for FREE

1.Enter you zip code

2. Pick an offer to complete

3. Complete a short survey

Interested in getting the new iPad?

Source by Jamal Gardener