The Advantages and Disadvantages of Red Wine

Bottom line: Wine is healthy


There are no two ways about it, drinking to much red wine is bad for your health. But then arises the questions, how much is too much?


In 1994 two Canadian doctors wrote a report which stated that ‘if every adult in North America drank 2 glasses of wine a day the incidents of heart disease would come down by 40%’. This was great news for many wine lovers.

As we all know there are always two versions of every story. In many countries, wine drinking is increasing. If research is to be believed then this should not be too much of a problem. In fact, the main issue arises from the way we are drinking wine.

Most wine lovers will agree that a bottle of red wine split between two people is the perfect accompaniment to good food. The issue here is that men and women are developing similar drinking habits. But women are not men and will never have the same physique.


The process of breaking down alcohol in the body puts pressure on the liver. If the wine is drunk with food then the absorption level is slowed down and the liver gets longer to process the alcohol. There is a big different when a large man drinks half a bottle of wine and when a small women does. Not only is there a difference in their physique, but probably also in what they are eating. If this large man orders steak and chips with half a bottle of red wine then there is a lot of food in the stomach at the same time as the red wine. This means that it is entering the body at a hugely reduced concentration.


Let’s imagine that the small woman had a Caesar salad with her half a bottle of wine, her body will be hit by the wine at a much higher concentration and will put her body under considerably more pressure.

So to get the advantages of wine we have to drink it in moderation. Unfortunately, no one can define that for us. Each and every wine drinker needs to understand how their body is processing the wine and judge from their lifestyle and physique what the right amount is for them.

So don’t let the disadvantages of red wine stop you drinking it. Drinking red wine should be a pleasure, so let the flavinoids help you fight cancer and let the red wine reduce your chances of heart disease, just be sensible.

Source by Nicholas Somerville