The Advantages of Beauty Schools


Attending a four year college or university is not for everyone, especially when it comes to people who want to start earning money right away. Instead of directly hitting the workforce, beauty schools are a great option, offering specialized training and a career track that has an endless opportunity for advancement.

To be sure, there are a ton of advantages to attending one of Americas accredited beauty schools. On the cost side of the aisle, graduating from cosmetology school requires far less money than most state universities (and just about every private college). Graduates of beauty schools average less overall debt than their university counterparts, and it takes about half as long to complete the education.

Unlike traditional schooling, the education offered by beauty schools is much more hands on, which is a key selling point for people who are turned off by the idea of sitting behind a desk taking notes all day, followed by hours of studying each night.

Beauty schools also hold a unique appeal to the fashion forward, as the industry is constantly changing as it adapts to the latest trends and fads. The work that graduates of beauty schools do each day is far from redundant, as no head of hair is the same. Best yet, the odds of a cosmetologist sitting behind a desk all day long are slim to none.

Most beauty schools also feature immediate job placement assistance to those who graduate from the programs. Because of the sheer number of graduates, most traditional colleges and universities cannot offer the same kind of service. Moreover, cosmetologists that graduate from beauty schools usually make a decent living.

For example, in an average sized city like Indianapolis, Indiana, cosmetologists earn an average salary of $35,533 per year. This means that people who graduate from beauty schools make about as much per year as their university grad peers. On top of that salary, most cosmetologists earn hundreds of dollars a week in tips alone (many of which go unreported to the IRS, keeping the money untaxed). Other untaxed income can come in via freelance work on friends and family.

Certainly, beauty schools are the best option for everyone. That said, overall they are certainly not a bad option in general, and for many people theyre the best way to go. This is particularly true of single parents, as the work schedule is usually fairly flexible.

Source by Phoenix Delray