The Alternatives to Smoking Tobacco

These smoking blends are all tobacco free

Tobacco Alternatives

If you have the desire to break the tobacco habit and are having a really hard time, the addiction is most likely psychological and not merely just physical. Unfortunately, the psychological addiction is always much harder to break due to the need for the comfort that the act of lighting up and drawing on a cigarette gives to so many smokers. These people actually enjoy smoking in spite of the extremely well-known health hazards tobacco poses because it is a calming comfort in times of stress. This is the main reason why so many people fail to quit and why tobacco continues to be a major leading cause in health issues; ranking right up there with obesity. Let us look at some alternatives that may help you, the smoker, finally break the nicotine habit while still getting the psychological fix.


One such herbal alternative is called wild dagga, or ‘Lion’s tail’. It has been used with great success as a tobacco alternative, as well as a cannabis alternative. It is completely legal in any place in the world and is available on thousands of websites online. It has an calming and euphoric effect helping one to be able to focus on getting on with life without all the nasty health issues that tobacco presents.


Another alternative is the many other smoking blends called by various names. ‘Devil’s weed’ smoking blend, ‘Yuba Gold’ smoking blend, ‘Demonillia’ smoking blend, ‘Buddah’s’ blend, and hundreds of other alternatives that can give a very satisfying smoke without all the tar, nicotine, and the hundreds of other nasty chemical additives added by the companies to the tobacco or sprayed on the paper to make it even more addictive. (Don’t believe it? Try holding any brand of cigarettes under a black light!)

While most doctors will tell you that any smoking is bad for you, it is guaranteed that tobacco smoking is 100% bad for you. If you really want to quit smoking tobacco, but need that psychological comfort that the act of smoking a cigarette gives to you then try any of these smoke alternatives. These smoking blends are all tobacco free, inexpensive, legal, taste good, and, best of all, have that calming effect on the mind and body that is needed to help you, the smoker, kick the tobacco habit and stop smoking today

Source by Jackie Winn