The Amazing Thailand Wedding Custom You Should Know About

Getting married to a tree is an amazing wedding tradition practiced in Thailand

The amazing Thailand wedding custom

Thai people rather believe in Buddhism, was designated as the state religion. Each man went to a certain age, should become a monk as a monk, at least three months, as many as three to five years, or even a lifetime, and even the King is no exception. If a man is not been a monk, you cannot as adults, not only friends and relatives look down, and even very difficult to find a girlfriend. Buddhism in Thailand can be seen how much influence. This is also reflected in the Buddhist rituals and even the wedding ceremony.

In some parts of southern Thailand, some people can often be seen around a tree wind a trumpet, singing Man Wu, turned out to be local men to get married in a ceremony held with the trees. Do not see the object of marriage is not to speak of trees, but the ceremony is the ceremony of marriage for women with real, like a grand fun.

Married to the same tree, the man sent to the bride price served in a big silver bowl, known as “niche Maura” or “Ma-food niche.” Niche Maura 25 betel nut is often, niche food is more for people Ma favorite snacks, candy and pillows, mats, and candles.

Before the start of the wedding ceremony, the groom wore a gorgeous dress, have dolled herself up in the grateful girl surrounded by a long drum to clear the way, the mighty came to the village elders before the selected tree. Girls will be on display at the bride price, “the bride tree” before the elders announced the wedding. At this time, the groom will come up with a dozen candles, one by one lit, one by one inserted in the niche next to Mary, and then listen to the elders recite the verses of the relevant sections. Then, the groom’s father, some of the flowers, betel nut and several silver dollars on the pillow Mary shrine, the village is the most senior representatives of the old lady, “the bride tree” to accept gifts, candles extinguished, the wedding ceremony. People began to groom, and a meal, followed by song and dance together, until nightfall.

According to local custom, all aged 21 years old man, to be held in a marriage ceremony with the tree. After completion of the ceremony, he ordained as a Buddhist monk until after the return to secular life in love with the woman to marry a family. In the local traditional values, with the vitality of trees, with trees of marriage, can be the Buddha’s blessing, be devoted love to create happy family.

Source by Serena Du