Every man is familiar with this particular situation. He’s ready and all set to head out but he can’t leave because his wife/daughter/sister/girlfriend hasn’t yet come out of the bathroom. He tears his hair out if he’s the impatient sorts or he sits down and watches some TV because this is a regular occurrence.

It doesn’t matter if he is the impatient sort or the patient one, he always wonders what the heck is she doing inside? Well, we are boldly going where few websites have gone before. We are going to reveal to you what Mumbai women do inside the bathroom. Yes, this includes time spent on the pot as well. We spoke to 100 brave Mumbai women who bared their bathroom habits to us.

This is what we found:

  1. 83 percent of women take their mobile phone with them when they go on the pot.
  2. Listening to music, texting, calling, surfing the web and checking emails are the main activities on the phone.
  3. Other than the phone, most popular loo accessories are newspapers (Mumbai Mirror and Mid-day win hands down), manicure kits, and cigarettes.
  4. Women spend an average of 5 minutes on the pot. Unlike men who spend way more than that (watch this space for The Bathroom Habits of Mumbai Men).
  5. 63 percent think about outfits, boyfriends and places to travel. They call it introspection.
  6. Over half the women surveyed sing in the shower.
  7. Roughly the same number of women shave their legs in the shower.
  8. Most of them listen to music. Thank you, good people of the smartphone world.
  9. Two out of every ten women cry in the shower. Funny, I thought it would be a higher number.
  10. The shower is also a favourite place for college girls to click a lot of selfies.

If you think your stereotypical thoughts on women in bathrooms just got re-confirmed, hold your horses. The Bathroom Habits of Mumbai Men will make you clench, err… your teeth. You ain’t seen nothing yet.