The Bayside Weekly Bulletin: The Week That Was

A round-up of some of the biggest stories of the week


We sum up the biggest stories of a very eventful week.

1. When Nat Geo Turned Into A Daily Soap Opera

As part of what is called the ‘Animal Fight Night’ series, Nat Geo turned a sad situation of violence between penguins into some sort of drama film. It showed a gruesome clip of two male penguins fighting over a female, who cheated on her husband. While trying to milk the ‘penguins mate for life’ belief, the narrator made an absolute joke out of it. Twitter reactions to this were even more dramatic than the film itself.

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2. Delhi Smog Won’t Let You Snog

Just when we thought that pollution levels in Delhi couldn’t get any worse, thick layers of smog enveloped the Delhi skyline for over three days. It has also been found that heavy metals present in the smog are reducing sexual activity and fertility by 30%. Maybe this news will finally spur the Delhi government to ‘rise up’ to the challenge.

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3. India Has Already Lost 78 Tigers in 2016

India has lost 78 tigers in just 10 months, an alarming three percent of the 2500 tigers pegged at by the Environment Minister. Although the tiger population has grown from an estimated 1,411 in 2005 to 2500 in 2016, the number of deaths in the period of January-October is the most it has ever been in the past six years.

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4. Donald Trumps, Hillary Concedes

Alleged rapist, certified misogynist and white supremacist Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Elections. He polled 5,69,18,173 (48%) votes as opposed to Clinton’s 5,59,00,992 (47.2%). Trump secured 288 electoral votes and won in 29 states, Hillary managed 215 electoral votes with wins in 18 states. 270 electoral votes are needed to declare a winner.

As the vote count progressed, and Trump was in the lead, enough people had logged onto the Canadian immigration website, that it could not handle all the traffic, and crashed for a few hours.

You can only trust America to make a decision, and turn on it as soon as things start to get real. After Trump was announced President of USA, Americans took to the streets, protesting the election result. Their main slogan was ‘Not my President’.

5. 500 and 100 Rupee Notes Declared Invalid

While addressing the nation on the late evening of November 7, PM Modi declared that from midnight (November 8) onwards, all 500 and 100 rupee bills will become invalid tender. This was a bold attempt at curbing circulation of black money, as well as counterfeit currency.

The jugaad mentality of Indians led to innovative ways of getting rid of the black money they had stashed in their homes.

While this decision may be good in the long run, for the time being, it is the small time vendors whose businesses run only on cash that are facing most of the trouble.

6. Newest Banker on the Block: Meet Lakshmi

At a time, when the bank is probably going to be your favourite place to hang out at, there will now be a new face helping you out at City Union Bank, Chennai. India’s first ever banking robot, Lakshmi, is that helper.

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