The Bayside Weekly Bulletin: The Week That Was

A round-up of some of the biggest stories this week


Trump calls Sharif, elephants feared to go tuskless, a third gender option on railway tickets and more highlights from this week.

1. Trump’s ‘Fantastic’ Phone Call to Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan’s Press Information Bureau released a transcript of an amazing phone conversation between US President-elect Donald Trump and Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s Prime Minister. According to the transcript, Trump offered a hand of friendship to Pakistan, praising the Prime Minister, his country, and its people.

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2. SC Orders National Anthem to be Played Before All Film Screenings

The country’s apex court has ordered that the national anthem, along with a picture of the national flag, be played in all movie theatres across the country before the screening of the film.

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3. Plane Carrying Brazilian Football Team Crashes

A plane carrying 81 passengers, including members of the Brazilian football team Chapecoense, crashed in Cerro Gordo, Columbia. According to reports, 76 people died in the crash.

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4. Venezuelans Are Weighing Cash Instead of Counting It

Due to the current state of hyperinflation in Venezuela, citizens have resorted to weighing cash rather than counting it. With the inflation at 720%, the highest denomination of their currency, 100 Bolivar, is worth just USD 5 cents in the country’s black market.

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5. Transgenders to be Included as Third Gender Option in Railway Forms

Ticket reservation and cancellation forms now have the third gender option for transgenders. The Indian Railways and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) took this decision after a lawyer filed a PIL complaining that the exclusion of a transgender option along with the male and female would be an alleged violation of Article 14, 15, 19 and 21 (right to equality and freedom).

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6. Will All Elephants Soon Go Tuskless?

You cannot imagine an elephant without a tusk, can you? But now researchers have warned that a growing number of African elephants are being born without tusks and the species are at the risk of being tuskless altogether.

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7. Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Dies at 90

Leader of the Cuban communist revolution and former president, Fidel Castro passed away on Friday in Havana at the age of 90.

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