The Bayside Weekly Bulletin: The Week That Was


Amma passes away, Paris looks at a new way to raise funds for refugees, woman delivers a baby while waiting to withdraw cash, and more – highlights from the week’s news and happenings from around the world.

1. Jayalalithaa Passes Away

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa, passed away at the age of 68 following a 75-day long illness. She suffered a cardiac arrest a day before and was on an external life support system. A seven-day mourning period was announced in the state, and schools and colleges were shut for three days. Read more.

2. Four Major Cities Pledge to Ban Diesel Vehicles by 2025

In an effort to combat air pollution, mayors from four major and highly populated cities in the world have pledged to ban diesel cars and trucks on their roads by 2025. These cities include Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens. Read more.

3. Woman Delivers Baby While Waiting in Bank Queue

File photo
File photo

In Kanpur, a 30-year-old woman delivered a child in a bank while waiting in line to withdraw cash. Read more.

4. Paris’ Love Locks to be Sold off to Raise Funds for Refugees

Paris will be selling love locks attached on its bridges and donate the proceeds from the sale to refugee groups. These padlocks are attached on to Parisian bridges as a symbol of undying love by lovers. Read more.

5. How the Internet Helped a Dad Find a Special Sippy Cup for His Autistic Son

Read how in the US 14-year-old Ben Carter, who has severe autism, received special sippy cups after his own wore out, thanks to the Internet. Ben has only drunk out of a special blue sippy cup since he was a child, and would refuse to drink out of any other vessel. His father, Marc Carter, had reached out to the Internet in hopes of finding a similar cup.

6. Paris Makes Public Transport Free to Fight Air Pollution

In a bid to reduce the level of air pollution in the city, Paris made its public transportation free for two days. The Airparif agency said that the city was facing its worst pollution in 10 years. Read more.

7. St Xavier’s College Bans Ripped Jeans

Earlier this week, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai dispatched a circular announcing a ban on wearing ripped jeans on campus. The authorities explained the ban by saying that ripped jeans mocked the poor. Read more.