The Benefits of Working As A Teenager

Working as a teenager prepares you for future challenges

Even now, most parents are apprehensive when it comes to allowing their kid to take a part time job. This is especially true when considering the fact that taking up a job so early and starting one’s career so young might snatch away the chances of having a fun filled childhood. But the question is whether starting work as a teenager really calls for a constricted social life, costing on their education and health, or does it teach one to become independent and self-reliant, allowing him or her to get prepared for the journey of life?

If it were me asked you, I would certainly come up with the second opinion! Coming from the horse’s mouth, you can rest assured that working as a teenager has far greater advantages than disadvantages, teaching one to be responsible, wise and goal oriented in life.

Till a few years back, I too struggled like every teenager to make ends meet and constantly argued with my parents to increase my allowances, but little came out of the hassles. I had to cut down on my entertainment and other expenditures and was unhappy having to make so many sacrifices. But then, one day, one of my aunts gave me a wonderful suggestion! She asked me to take on the job of a part time content writer and earn money writing for online companies and brands! In fact she introduced me to a couple of people she had already worked for, who taught me the technicalities and know-how of online content writing. Within a few days, I started working right from home, and was making enough money to do all that I had wished for!

What made this job so very convenient was that I hardly had to step out of the home and had flexible hours, working only when I felt the urge to work or had time on my hands. My employers never really got a chance to meet me in person, as the entire work was online, and so I was relieved of having someone scream orders at me all the time, or break down my neck, bossing me around! Being a literature student, I always had a flair for writing on different topics, and this job allowed me to continue with my passion while allowing me a chance to earn money doing something I really loved.

In just a few months time, I had saved enough to sponsor all my small indulgences and even asked my parents to stop giving me any more allowances. My parents were overwhelmed in seeing such a change in me and congratulated me on accepting my responsibilities in life, earlier than many of my peers. In fact, some of my other friends also took interest in my work and joined me to earn money in their leisure time. As for my grades, they did not fall either! On the contrary, they actually started to improve! Working had made me realize that everything must be done properly, with full concentration and hard work, and when I applied this theory to my studies, I could clearly see the results, as could my folks.

It has been almost 5 years since I started working, and I really thank my stars for having had such a great opportunity to prove my worth to all. Even in a few years time, when I take on a bigger and a better job, I would never probably forget this overwhelming experience, and would carry all those great memories forward, to guide me through the journey of life!

Source by Davey W