The Best Dressed People of 2015

Popular culture and fashion magazine Vanity Fair announced the ‘Best-Dressed’ List for 2015 early last week. Interestingly, the annual ranking of the world’s best dressed started by Eleanor Lambert in 1940 turns 75 this week!

So this time, there weren’t just two categories – The Best Dressed Men and the Best Dressed Women. There were five more categories – ‘Best Dressed Couples’, ‘Best Dressed Originals’, ‘Best Dressed Professionals’, ‘Best Dressed in Hollywood’ and one more addition to the list’s Hall of Fame. So, all together there are more than 45 people in the list this year. Let’s look at some of the winners this year.

Best Dressed Woman


Designer director of Tiffany and Co. Francesca Amfitheatrof tops the ‘Best Dressed’ Women’s list. The others in the list include Samantha Cameroon (First Lady of the UK), Gucci model Charlotte Casiraghi, George Clooney’s gorgeous wife Amal Clooney, singers Rihanna and Taylor Swift and others.

Best Dressed Man


The first position in the Men’s section was rightfully awarded to architect and decorator ‘Robert Courtier’. Other notable men who made it to the top ten include Prince Harry and actor Bill Nighy.

Best Dressed ‘Hollywood’


This is the list with the most well-known names from the Hollywood industry. Fan Bing Bing from Beijing was placed in the number position in the list. Actor and producer Michael Fassbender came a close second. Stunners like Diane Kruger, Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Emma Stone, Emma Watson were all part of the ten included in this list.

Best Dressed Couple


‘White collar’ and ‘Magic Mike’ actor Matt Bomer and his partner Simon Halls deserve their first position in the couples list.

‘Hall of Fame’


H.H Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned of Qatar got her place in the ‘Hall of Fame’ for her impeccable sense of fashion.

However, not all critics have given a thumbs up to the different lists that have come out this year. For instance, the Los Angeles Times states that the criteria for being included in a certain list needs to be clearer because someone like Benedict Cumberbatch featured along with his wife Sophie Hunter in the best dressed list but he could have easily been part of the Best Dressed Men’s List.

Other leading newspapers like The Guardian remarked that this year, Vanity Fair has made a ‘hot tangled mess’ of the best dressed individuals.

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