The Best Natural Sleeping Aids

For people who frequently find it difficult to sleep, the use of sleeping pills might not always be the best option.

Research has found that nearly one-third of the population is chronically sleep deprived.  For people who frequently find it difficult to sleep, the use of sleeping pills might not always be the best option.  Sleeping pills have many different side effects you have to be wary of.   Sleeping pills should only be used for short periods of time because they can cause dependency and tolerance, and you don’t want to become dependent on pills to sleep.  Natural sleeping aids are another option to look at; there is not a lot of data that suggests they are an effective treatment for insomnia, but that does not mean they won’t help you sleep.

Some natural sleeping aids include chamomile, kava kava, lemon balm, passionflower, lavender, St. Johns Wort, and valerian root.  These herbs are found either in pill form or herbal tea form.  There are also many foods that can help put you to sleep naturally.  According to Mother Nature Network, in a small study of participants drank eight ounces of tart cherry juice in the morning and another eight ounces in the evening for two weeks and reported better eating habits.

Another natural sleeping aid is tryptophan.  You can try L-tryptophan which is a by-product of tryptophan that the body can convert into tryptophan.  Or you can combine carbs with a protein containing tryptophan.  We’ve all heard to drink a glass of warm milk to help you go to sleep, well milk contains tryptophan, but the real trick is to pair it with carbohydrates. For example, you could try a cup of whole grain cereal with milk before bed time.

Another natural way to help you sleep is to use relaxation techniques.  Things like meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, tai chi, and deep breathing can help you unwind before bedtime and improve your sleep.  Progressive muscle relaxation is done by lying down, making sure you’re comfortable, and then, starting with your feet, tense the muscles as tightly as you can holding them there for ten seconds, and then relax.  Continue to do this with every muscle group in your body starting with your feet and working your way to the top of your head.

A revolutionary natural way to fall asleep is a phone app called Sleep Genius. Sleep Genius helps you sleep faster, deeper and longer. The app uses scientifically composed music to ease your brain into its natural sleep rhythms. With this app, you don’t have to mess around with pills, herbs, food and relaxation techniques. With the click of a button, you will be asleep in no time.

Source by Fusion 360