The Brilliant Pink Cloud

The nebulae known as NGC 248 lies in the Nebucula Minor 200,000 light-years away from us

Image credit: NASA, ESA, STScI, K. Sandstrom (University of California, San Diego), and the SMIDGE team

The bright pink cloud in the centre of the image are nebulae. The word ‘nebula’ comes from the Latin word for cloud. A nebula is a mix of interstellar mix of dust, hydrogen, helium, and other ionised gases. These two nebulae together are called NGC 248 and is about 60 light-years long and 20 light-years wide. The nebulae is located in the constellation of Tucana 200,000 light-years from Earth. The nebulae in this image is glowing bright pink due to the intense radiation emitted from the central stars.

These nebulae are located in the The Small Magellanic Cloud also known as Nebucula Minor, which is a dwarf galaxy near the Milky Way– our parent galaxy.