The Changing Role of Teachers In The Modern Higher Education System

The role of teacher(s) in such a teaching and learning environment becomes of educator and facilitator in the teaching-learning process

 Nothing is permanent in this world except change. The business environment consists of dynamic internal and external business environment, constant changing micro and macro business environment actors. Be it changes in the supplier environment, changes in the consumer tastes and preferences, changes in the competitive environment, or economic changes, changes in the demographic, socio-cultural, political, regulatory-legal, technological environment, business firms need to adapt to changes in the external environment to capitalize on the opportunities prevailing in the business environment at a given point of time, identify and overcome challenges, be it marketing, financial, technological etc. and build on strengths and make an effort to overcome weaknesses. Teaching profession is also affected by the changes in the business environment.

Higher education at undergraduate and postgraduate level with a focus on theories and principles of the discipline also emphasizes on the application of theories and principles of the discipline. For instance management and commerce, education has two fold objectives, to acquaint the learners with basic concepts, principles, and theories and also to demonstrate the application of theories, principles and basic concepts through various studies related curricular and co-curricular activities. The curricular and co-curricular activities like industrial visits, comprehensive project report preparation, participation in business idea competition, ads. making competition, analyzing budgets, preparing and presenting research papers, internships at business firms focus on the application of theories, principles and basic concepts of the discipline. Besides co-curricular activities like debate, elocution, essay writing competition, drama, and poetry recitation, case study writing contest, book reviews, article reviews, and management skit contest helps in developing a versatile personality for the learner(s) and develop interpersonal, conceptual, technical, communication and analytical skills among the learners.

The role of teacher(s) in such a teaching and learning environment becomes of educator and facilitator in the teaching-learning process. The Teacher(s) must impart theory concepts, principles, and fundamentals of the discipline in the classroom, and at the same time plan and organize as well as coordinate activity based learning like participation in the green business fair focusing on marketing of eco-friendly products, and making contest focusing on social issues and challenges as well as ads for commercial products and services. One or two-day assignment work of salesmanship for the learners at the departmental store(s) also helps in understanding how the fundamentals of retail marketing management are applied in the practice. Learner’s interest and motivation are high in activity based learning as it is learning by seeing and learning by doing.

Teachers role has evolved from imparting theoretical  knowledge pertaining to subject(s) and discipline to demonstrating application of theories, concepts and principles through activity based learning like business idea competition, and making competition, role play, case study method, industrial visits and summer internships to mention a few in the area of commerce and management. The teacher has to play the role of educator, facilitator, counselor, and mentor for the learners and ensure the smooth progress of the learners in the teaching-learning process. The role of the teacher is also of resource provider in the form of providing learning resources like study material on the subject, supplementary notes, subject related articles, case studies, role play and so on and so forth. The teacher has to be a leader and communicate, direct, motivate, supervise and coordinate and control various teaching-learning activities, events, and experiences, and ensure that learners develop expertise in their subject area and achieve their career goals by also helping them in career planning and career progression.

Now a day the profession of teaching requires teacher(s) to be not only an expert in their subject, area but also to be excellent leaders for the learners, resourceful, innovative and creative with commitment and passion for their teaching profession.

Source by Prof. Sunil V. Chaudhary