Most people become famous when they do something worthwhile. But for ordinary men and women, the game of fame is played a little differently. In today’s world, where everything finds its way on the Internet, it’s no surprise that these people also found their stardom thanks to the same platform. Nobody might have known their names in 2015. But 2016 was their year. With the help of the Internet and their own talent as well, these common people of 2015 became sensations in 2016.

1. Sonam Gupta

Many years ago, a movie was released by the name of Bewafa and even that didn’t gain popularity the way Sonam Gupta did, for being her bewafai (unfaithfulness). For those still unaware of the whole Sonam Gupta affair, it all started with a message on a ten rupee note that said, Sonam Gupta bewafa hai (Sonam Gupta is unfaithful). After the new currency was introduced in November, someone wrote it on the new two thousand rupees note, too, and the jokes started flooding in

To Sonam Gupta, wherever you are, we’d love to hear your side of the story.

2. Chaiwala – Arshad Khan

Credit: Facebook/ @ArshadKhanChaiwala
Credit: Facebook/

When we voted a chaiwala to become a leader of our country, our neighbouring country joined the race and presented a handsome one! Arshad Khan, the famous blue-eyed tea-seller from Pakistan, became a hit on the Internet after a photographer shared pictures of him. People went gaga over his gorgeous face and he got his ticket to fame. Arshad later appeared on a chat show in Pakistan and also featured in a rap video.

3. Karishma Walia

Credit: Twitter/Karishma Walia

Many don’t like the idea of arranged marriages, and this young lady from Bangalore has the most amazing tale to share related to the same. The tale of how a man asked her to choose between him and her pet, and how she rejected him. For an animal lover, it’s important for their spouses or potential spouses to be okay with this. And so, Karishma turned down a guy because he wouldn’t let her keep her dog. The entire story spread like wild fire on social media. Karishma was greatly appreciated for her priorities.

4. Lee Minwei

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

After Arshad got his fame due to his good looks, Singapore’s Lee Minwei also came into the limelight. Lee works as an auxiliary police officer at Changi Airport, Singapore. Lee fame began after travellers posted photos of him on social media sites. Following this, the security agency shared a picture of Lee confirming his identity, and people went gaga over the handsome officer. It was also said that he brightened up the days of many girls . *packs bags to move to Singapore*

5. Karan Chitra Deshmukh

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The year of 2016 was rocky for Karan. He became famous for his beautiful rendition of the theme song of Game of Thrones. He played the entire theme on a tabla and took over the internet with his creativity and talent. After his tabla version went viral, Karan had various interviews lined up. Until recently. One of his interviews took place at Borivali Court where he was produced in front of a judge for a case of reckless driving and injuring four youngsters.

6. Irvin Randle

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Irvin Randle is probably the hottest grandpa on the Internet. He also goes by the name Grandma Stealer. Just like Arshad and Lee, Granpa Irvin’s pictures also went viral. He is an educator in Texas, and has aged like fine wine. His well-maintained silver beard and flair for fashion has stolen the hearts of many ladies all around the world. His pictures in ripped skinny jeans, V-neck t-shirt and cap were enough for him to be dubbed #MrStealYourGrandma’.

7. Huma Mobin

Credit: Facebook/Huma Mobin
Credit: Facebook/Huma Mobin

Huma Mobin was Bollywood’s real life Queen in 2016. Huma and her husband Arsalan Server Butt planned to go on their honeymoon. But things went awry when Arsalan’s visa was rejected. Ouch, right? But that did not stop Huma from going on a solo trip. Her hilariously lonely pictures took the Internet by storm.