The Cow And The Calf Relationship

The cow is engaged in nourishing the calf all the time

The Cow And The Calf Relationship

He was observing the cow and the calf after the tiresome work of the day.

Seeing the love between them his mind was dancing with happiness and joy.

He was trying to establish the same relationship within himself.

He was experiencing that the mind is just like the calf and he was like the cow.

The cow constantly cleans the calf by its tongue and frees it from any dirt.

The cow is engaged in nourishing the calf all the time.

Keeping a sharp attention on the calf it always protects it from the adverse winds.

It never wants that the calf should leave him at any point of time.

The calf always runs around the grazing field.

It is never constant at a particular point causing much trouble.

It comes to the cow when it feels hungry.

The cow cleans it and feeds it its own milk.

Like the calf, the mind runs here and there.

Keeping a sharp attention in the mind the warrior always wants it to be under his care.

Once the mind comes to him and becomes serene and tranquil the warrior feels enormous joy within him.

He forgets all his anxieties, sorrows, grief and worries.

Loving the mind he tries to clean it from all the impurities.

He has to fight the battle of life making it vibrant and dynamic.

When he gives his enormous love to the mind it comes out fresh and alive.

For the battle of life, the warrior wants to keep it healthy, wealthy and wise.

The cow wants to give milk to the calf all the time.

For the welfare of the calf, it grazes good grasses in the field.

It well knows that it can keep the calf healthy by itself becoming healthy.

For the welfare of the calf, it undergoes a lot of sacrifices.

So also the warrior tries all the time for the welfare the of his mind.

Reading the scriptures and various other good books it stores knowledge and wisdom within him.

He feeds the mind with the stored knowledge when it becomes hungry.

Feeding the mind with good foods he remains contented and happy.

He wants the mind to be all the time obedient to him.

He never allows the mind to deviate from the main stream.

He always tries for its well being by keeping a sharp attention on it.

The mind comes to him for advice at the time of need.

Giving good advice to the mind he fights the battle of life.

When the mind is constantly fed by him it feels fulfilled.

It pours all its grace on the warrior and he fights the battle beautifully.

Receiving the love and grace of his own mind he forgets all his anxieties and worries.

The cow takes the calf under his belly and transmits all its love to it.

The calf forgets the world and merges in peace and bliss.

Though the calf becomes asleep the cow undergoes an active sleep.

The cow looks to the calf in the morning and cleans it becoming fresh and alive.

As the calf took rest inside the cow the warrior returned home.

Under the stars filled sky and the full moon, his mind was dancing with happiness and joy.

Slowly he was feeling that within him the mind was becoming merged.

He was enjoying the beauties of the nature giving the mind all his love.

In the night he dreamed of the cow and calf.

The transmission of love between them made him enjoy the sleep with joy.

He was massaging the cow and the calf both.

They were not afraid of him being the domestic animals.

He was seeing the cow and calf waking up in the dawn.

Those were fresh and alive by the touch of the morning sun.

The warrior has to fight the battle of life with love.

He was observing his mind like the cow.

Amidst intense activities when ever he was thinking of the cow and the calf his mind was dancing with joy.

Giving sufficient milk to the mind he was working with out any tension.

Serving well his family, organization, and the society he was feeling within a divine union.

Fulfilling his hopes and dreams and leading a life of his choice he was tasting the joy of freedom.