The Craziest Things People Have Done as Kids

Threatening an elephant, setting gutters on fire – these Redditors have had interesting childhood experiences

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As kids, we’ve all performed some crazy, wild and potentially deathly stunts with or without the knowledge of our parents. Redditors list out the craziest things they’ve done as kids.

1. The Death Walk

I used to climb on top of monkey bars and run across them, like full speed, one foot per bar. If I tried that today I’d probably fall and die. [burritobattlefield]

2. The Bloody Alibi

Once I was out with my gf and was supposed to be home at like 10 or something. Would have been about 15 or so. Around 2 am I realised how fucked I was and formulated a plan. How to get my mom to pick me up but not be pissed. My gf lived about 12 miles away from me so walking wasn’t an option. Her little brother was hanging out with us. He was big into karate.

I had him punch me as hard as he could several times in the mouth. I wiped the blood all over my shirt. Then I walked up to a brick wall and head butted it really hard. After I looked pretty beat up I walked a couple of blocks away to a pay phone (this was the mid 90s). I collect called my mom and told her I got jumped by some guys and got knocked out. I just woke up and really need her to come get me. She did. Didn’t get into trouble.

When I was in my mid 30s I told her the truth. She said I was a dumb f**k. [AthiestBroker]

3. Romeo

In 7th grade I told a girl that I was going to come and visit her at 3 am. So in the middle of the night, I snuck out of my house, grabbed a ladder, walked 5 blocks carrying the ladder, climbed up the ladder to the first floor fire escape, climbed 5 stories on the fire escapes, knocked on her bedroom window, and crawled in. All in the hopes that I might see her t**s (this was pre internet). The next day in school walking down the hall everyone started calling me Romeo. [RealThagSimmons]

4. Legit Reason

I called the police on my brother for not letting me use the Playstation 2. [PixelonTV]

5. Set the Gutters on Fire

Certainly not the craziest, but when I was maybe 9 or 10, the kids on my block and myself set some leaves on fire near a sewer drain. The trail of leaves along the curb burned like a fuse and a small fire started down in the sewer. Smoke started to billow out of the drain, a few surrounding drains as well as sewer caps on the street. It looked pretty insane. Realizing we fucked up, we ran for our super-soakers and did what we could. It eventually burned out, we blamed teenagers and got away with it. [slumbtimes]

6. The Sideshow Bob Trick

When I was 8 or 9, I intentionally stepped on a rake to see what will happen. Obviously, that wasn’t very smart move since my whole face hurt as hell and nose started bleeding. For a moment I also thought I knocked out a tooth because I could taste blood in my mouth and couldn’t feel my jaw. [sklavko]

7. She Started It!

I pushed my then best friend down rock steps because she threw my Butt Ugly Martians toy in to the woods. [Herogamer555]

8. No Fear

I took a bath with a plugged in TV balanced on the side of tub. I even changed channels. To this day, I’m surprised I’m still here. [gensleuth]

9. Yelled at an Elephant

Grew up in South Africa. In fourth grade, I went outside in the middle of the night to tell off a bull elephant who was keeping me awake by eating the seed pods off a nearby tree. Picture a blonde little girl, gesturing at and berating ten tons of ivory-clad murder machine for waking her up. I can only assume it found my penguin pajamas intimidating. [aubirey]

10. Just Like Daddy

I tried to shave my face when I was like 2-3 years old. I think I saw my father doing it and just figured I should do it too. [CangrejoEnPolvo]

11. The Cheese Thief

I would secretly eat cheese. Like a block of cheese. There were apparently incidents where I would go “missing” in the grocery store and be found happily eating a block of cheddar in the dairy aisle. Usually with someone laughing at me for being so oblivious to the situation. So yeah, secret cheese and prune juice was basically my diet from 3-6. [Bizmark_86]

12. Hmm, What Happens if I Plug Metal into a Socket

When I was 11, I bent a narrow rod of metal into a horseshoe and plugged it into a 2-pin socket at my home to see what happens. As soon as I turned the switch on, sparks flew from the socket, the rod fell on the table below it and the house went dark.

Worried (my parents were attending to guests downstairs), I tried to take the rod to throw it away, but it was very hot. So I tore a page from the notebook, and used it to hold the rod. Then I went to the window, and saw that every house on the street was dark.

It is still possible that it was load shedding (which is common here) but load shedding occurs on the hour and it wasn’t that time. My parents thought it was load shedding and no one found out what I did. [XenoZodiac]

13. How Strong is Super Glue?

I know that as crazy as most, but when l was small, l glued my fingers together with super glue. I was curious as to how strong a super glue is, that l tried experimenting it on myself. Turns out, it was strong, and my father had to slice it off with a knife. [SnakeEyes1986]