The Dark Truth Behind Farmer Suicides in Maharashtra

Despite all the ‘Make in India’ hype and the impact of globalization, India remains primarily an agrarian economy, with nearly 70 % of the population dependent on it for their livelihood.

Persistent droughts, crop failures, poor credit and ineffective governance have led to farmer suicides and the numbers have been through the roof, with close to 3,02,116 deaths in the last two decades.

The students of KC College, Mumbai have put together this heart-wrenching documentary about the plight of Indian farmers.

It would seem that with the green revolution, government schemes, five-year plans, things would be improve for farmers, but the grave truth remains that our dams have no water flowing, water bodies are drying up, and the fields are left a little less cultivable each year. All of this spiraling into crop failure, family problems, loans that will never be repaid, which leads to alcoholism, and more deaths.

Monetary relief to farmers and their families is only a temporary solution. There is clearly no single solution to this, but it obviously calls for more responsibility by NGO’s, corporates, and the general public.

Solutions need to be more collective, proactive, and direct-action based. More importantly, farmer suicides in under-developed areas like Vidarbha need to be seen as a reflection of India’s economy. Here’s a look at the moving documentary below.