The Definition of a Mystery Shopper

Even though mystery shopping has been around for more than 70 years, many people have never heard of this type of service.  As you will discover, becoming a mystery shopper is easy, it produces a little bit of income, and gives you an opportunity to help businesses improve overall customer satisfaction.  Working with a reputable company, one that employees the mystery shopper, you will have an avenue for getting out and earning some income. Every mystery shopper has the same goals working covertly to increase a company’s sales, reduce risk of liability, making employees more aware of the customer, and improving customer satisfaction.  All of this is done using a special process in which the mystery shopper would take on an assignment, go to the business anonymously, and gather all of the required information.  Then, the mystery shopper is required to complete a form, submitting it to the company hired by.  In turn, this company will perform an analysis of the information, followed by a plan or recommendations to the customer on improving operations and performance. Although the mystery shopper performs that same type of job, the jobs themselves vary dramatically.  For instance, if you were to become a mystery shopper with a number of companies, you could end up performing a restaurant, oil change, apartment, and clothing store shop in a single week.  The type of assignment the mystery shopper does is dependent on the industry for which the shop is being completed. Additionally, a mystery shopper will be reimbursed for his/her services in several ways.  Typically, anything having to do with the hospitality field, such as hotels, restaurants, or fast-food places, would provide a reimbursement to a set figure.  For example, you might be asked to shop a restaurant, which in return, would reimburse you for your meal up to $20 to $50, depending on the price of the menu items.

However, many other shops will pay a flat fee.  Keep in mind that some assignments provide the mystery shopper both, reimbursing for a service and/or product purchased, as well as a small fee. The requirements of a mystery shopper include being honest, confidential, and having a high level of integrity.  You would also be required to have transportation, speak English unless a bilingual shop is needed, and complete the shop anonymously.  Sometimes, a company will ask the mystery shopper to bring a cell phone or digital camera.  However, if you do not own one or both of these items, we are now finding several of the larger mystery shopping companies loaning the items to the mystery shopper for the assignment.  It is also required in most cases that the mystery shopper be a minimum of 18 or 21 years of age. Having good communication and listening skills is also an important criteria for the mystery shopper.  After all, you will be interacting with service people at all types of businesses, meaning you need to present yourself in a professional manner.  Many times, you become an actor as a mystery shopper.  If you were sent to a jewelry store to look at engagement rings, you might need to pretend that you are going to be engaged, although this might not be the case.  Communication and listening are also important in that detailed reports are generated by the mystery shopper so paying close attention is critical to the shop’s success.

Becoming a mystery shopper is quick, easy and fun. Where else can you look to make money doing what you already do?  Free Mystery Shopper

Source by EthanHunter5