The Difference Between Wants And Desires In Life

Are you stuck between your wants and desires?

What is it that you really want? How are a want and a desire different? Are they even different? Yes, they are! A want is a physical thing your conscious mind wants to have in its life. A desire is a subconscious mind taking over and turning it into reality. So it is not just enough to want something in your life to make it happen, but you have to desire it.

The conscious mind can see what we may be wanting to have in our life, whether it be a bigger home, more money, a better job, a more loving relationship, and so on. But the subconscious mind is what turns this into a manifestation on a vibrational level.


The mind has two sides, a male, and a female. The male is your conscious side, your wanting side. The female is your subconscious side, your desiring side. It takes both sides of your mind to bring to light your manifestations. You have to start with first knowing what you want in your life, your male side. Once you have decided what it is you really want, you then turn this over to the female side of your mind, the subconscious side. This is where it turns into desire and can manifest within a vibrational match of your energetic makeup.

So what happens next? When a male and female energy get together, they have their own offspring and these are your manifestations that are sent out into the Universe to align the energies to bring into your life what you desire. These are their children, their offspring, who turn the male side of wanting and the female sire o desiring into inspired action and energetic connection to manifest your dreams.


So how do you do this? Simple, focus on what you really want consciously. Next turn this over to your subconscious and then it turns into a deep-rooted desire. Finally, release this to the Universe to manifest into physical reality. Be patient and have faith and you’re your desires and desires will come to your doorstep.

Source by Nicole Lanning