The Different Types of Laser Toners

Basically, there are two different types of laser toners namely dry toner and liquid toner, learn about them here.


Laser toners are referred to as printer ink for the laser printers. These laser toners are available in liquid or powder form which is generally packaged into a toner cartridge.

The toner cartridge in a laser printer is responsible for controlling and holding the printer toner. A toner cartridge is generally made up of the hard plastic. The toner cartridge is inserted into cartridge rack which is present inside a laser printer. Basically, there are two different types of laser toners namely Dry toner and liquid toner. 

Dry toner is a type of toner that is typically used in companies or home printers. This is made up of plastic powder and amalgamation of acrylic and styrene substances. These produce a variety of colors with the help of added pigments. The carriers would help bits of particles to get charged so that they get attracted into printer drum. There are numerous advantages of using this kind of cartridges like it produces more colors and there is no need to penetrate paper fiber. This means less amount of laser toner will be used to print the documents. Even the printing is done quickly alongside drying. In addition, there are no arbitrary stains on printouts. Dry toner is eco-friendly and features firm colors.

Liquid toner is another type of laser toner which is made up of pigmented acrylic resin substances. The pigmentation or dye enables liquid toner in the formation of unique colors. Here the resin elements are put into a shielding liquid. Even liquid toners offer numerous benefits that as inspired below:

  • No need of printer to get warm up before printing,
  • As the printed images and texts are attached to paper, the printed matter has longer lifetimes and does not fade off easily,
  • These should be customized separately based upon the printer brand and model that it’s meant for. There are several factors that need to be kept in mind while purchasing a printer toner for your laser printer like flow rate, thermal quality, melting point and magnetic quality.
  • Some of the manufacturers offer toner refilling kits that contractors find necessary to refill an empty toner. These refill kits provide step by step instruction to customers on how to fill up an empty or used up toner cartridge. Refilling kits could save considering the amount of money when compared to buying a new cartridge.

Source by Owais Siddiqui Jr