The End Of The World: Is It Finally Here?

Is the end coming near


“The end of the world”: could it finally be here? In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus spoke of a “midnight cry” that proclaims that He, the Bridegroom, is coming.  Most of us have heard the expression, “it’s the eleventh hour”, which conveys the message that it is getting late and time is beginning to run out.  And, many of us have also heard the expression, “it’s ten minutes to midnight”, which means that it is very late and time is almost gone. I honestly believe that neither of these expressions is adequate to describe how extremely late it is in earth’s history right now.  I would say that it is “one minute” before midnight.  We need to get ready to proclaim that “the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, is coming”.


I’m not going to discuss the “traditional” end-time signs that we’ve talked about for generations in this article, such as earthquakes, famines, pestilence and wars.  My focus is on the unique signs and events of this high-tech, contemporary age that immediately precede the arrival of antichrist and his one-world government.  The one “key ingredient” that separates us from previous generations of Christians who thought that Jesus might return in their day, is the recent exponential increase in knowledge reflected in today’s global satellite and radically, high-speed computer technology, which makes the implementation and enforcement of the antichrist’s worldwide buying and selling restrictions, as well as his constant monitoring of earth’s global population, an accomplishable goal at this time; this was not possible in past generations.  Daniel’s prophecy that knowledge would be increased in the “time of the end”, has truly reached a dramatic fulfillment in our day (Daniel 12:4).

The signs of a coming one-world government are all around us.  And, America’s continued practice of abominations will shortly bring judgments from God upon our nation that will help to prepare the way for antichrist’s worldwide rule.

After 9-11 America had a brief superficial revival, which dissipated fast.  Why?  It was because there was no true repentance.  The abortion mills kept running; fanatical extreme gay rights legislation continued to be adopted; atheist evolutionary concepts continued to brainwash our children in our public schools; activist courts continued to expel God and His commandments from our society; and, false religions continued to be elevated to equal, if not superior, status with Christianity.  In fact, the same “false religion” that had attacked America was being revered as a good and peaceful religion that worshipped the same God as Christianity.


Why shouldn’t God judge a nation like America?  The past 35 years we have murdered more than 45 million babies via abortion.  That equals more innocent lives slaughtered than Hitler and Stalin combined.  One out of every four babies in America is aborted/killed.  Every single year in America we kill more babies than the number of American soldiers killed in every war that we’ve ever fought added together: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the war with Mexico over Texas, The Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War, Vietnam, and both Gulf Wars.

The sin of infanticide is specifically singled out in Scripture, and was responsible for bringing God’s judgments upon Israel.  In Ezekiel 23:36-39, 45-49, God promised to bring trouble and plunder upon Israel because they had slain and sacrificed their children to their “idols”; moreover, God stated that the “women” had blood on their hands.  How very applicable this scripture is to the 45 million women who have chosen to abort their babies in our nation.  However, I must hasten to say that Jesus removes the guilt and stain of their sin when they come to Him in sincere repentance asking for forgiveness.  Nevertheless, the relevance of this text is obvious.  America has also sacrificed its children to modern-day idols of radical, liberal feminism, situational ethics, secular humanism and the supposedly noble slogan of “pro-choice”.


In Jeremiah 19:3-8, God also warned Israel that He was going to bring such a catastrophe upon their land, that whoever heard of it, his ears would tingle.  What was their sin that caused this impending doom?  The Bible states that they had filled their land with the blood of theinnocents”.  Certainly the blood of 45 million innocent, aborted/killed American babies also cries out to a righteous God who does not change.

Israel’s history is summed up well in Ezekiel 16:1-23, 35-41, and it is remarkable how comparable it is to the history of America.  This passage states that God had taken Israel in the beginning when they were struggling, and had blessed them in every way until Israel had become beautiful.  However, they rebelled against God and abused His blessings, using them to worship other gods, and sacrificing their children to them.


What about America?  God also took our nation in the beginning when it was struggling, and blessed it in every way and made it beautiful, because our founding fathers had founded it on Christian principles; moreover, there was only one God worshipped in America, the God of Christianity.  However, America has also rebelled against God and abused His blessings.  As previously mentioned, our nation sacrifices her children via abortion to our modern-day gods of secular humanism, situational ethics, radical feminism and a perverted “pro-choice” slogan.  And, America has also taken God’s financial blessings via our taxes, and has offered them to these modern-day gods by financing their unholy agendas.

If America continues its abomination-honoring, child-aborting, false religion-exalting, Christianity-rejecting ways; then America is racing toward catastrophic judgments from God and its ultimate humbling.  This will be a major step that will lay the foundation for the acceptance of a one-world government under the antichrist.

Source by Henry Bechthold