The Essential Facts about Laser Hair Removal


Many people have become tired of shaving with razors every week, spending money on shaving creams, going to waxing salons only to experience a great amount of pain and worrying about unwanted hair growing on certain parts of their body. Hair can be annoying at times, which is why people spend so much money trying to eliminate it. However, do all of them know the permanent solution to active hair follicles?

Laser hair removal is certainly a more expensive option in eliminating hair but it is a more permanent solution. It comes with a series of hair removal sessions with a laser beam. Although hair could not be forever eliminated, the changes are drastic as hair growth is reduced at an exponential rate. Every laser clinic Sydney City proves that laser hair removal is indeed effective.

Hair growth in every person is different. Your genetic makeup is one factor that determines how fast hair grows and regrows in particular body parts. Hispanic women have thicker and darker hair; Scandinavian women have hair almost the same color as their skin. Hormones are another factor in determining the rate at which hair grows. To be very certain about the specific hair removal process to be performed, one has to see a doctor first.

Apoptosis is a process by which a laser beam heats the hair. The heat is then transferred to the dividing hair cells in the follicle, which would eventually kill it. This entire process is generally known as laser hair removal.

Different wavelengths are used in hair removal laser beams. These wavelengths are absorbed by the human skin and hair. The use of the kinds of laser depends on the hair color, as well as the complexion of the patient. To avoid certain risks in the procedure, one must consult with a certified laser user. Each laser clinic Sydney CBD should have laser users that have been certified and have experience in conducting this procedure.

Sun tanning complicates the entire process of laser hair removal. This is why a person who plans to undergo a laser hair removal treatment should avoid soaking in the sun.

A certain laser type with two wavelengths is called the diode laser. Due to its longer wavelength, it is safe for almost every hair color and skin type.

Laser hair removal comes with many sessions. The average number of sessions is 6-12, depending on the body part, skin type and hair color of a person. Although laser hair removal is more of a permanent process, one still has to come back annually to an Australian laser clinic for possible re-growth of hair.

Source by Ashley Harris