The FOMO Times: February 18, 2017

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‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. Mumbai City is following that to the T.

Hospital Collects 35 Lakh Rupees for World’s Heaviest Woman

Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman, needs 1 crore rupees for a life-saving operation. She is currently at Saifee Hospital awaiting bariatric surgery. Pink Roshan, Hrithik Roshan’s mother, has donated 10 lakh rupees towards the cost of the operation. People are pitching in with whatever they can to help Ahmed. Read the whole story here.

Fireman Stops Auto Driver from Jumping Off Building

When two boys came to Badlapur fire station and said that a man was about to jump off the service duct of a seven-storey building, fireman Bhagwat Sriram Sonone rushed to the location with his team. Sonone went into the service duct, put the distraught rickshaw driver on his shoulders and pulled him out. Read the whole story here.

India is a land of hypocrites and today’s National update proves that.

MP Who Wants Budget Weddings Had 1 Lakh Guests at Own Wedding

Ranjeet Rajan, the Congress MP, who wants to cap wedding budgets at Rs. 5 lakh, had around one lakh guests at her own wedding, and also chartered a plane for guests to fly down for the same. Hypocrisy much? Read the whole story here.

Gurgaon Traffic Helps Stop Kidnapping

Sometimes, traffic is good, as toll booth assistant manager Manoj Kumar found out on Friday morning. A man driving a Mercedes refused to pay a toll of Rs. 60 at the Kherki Daula toll booth in Gurgaon. Kumar didn’t allow him to pass so the guy in the Mercedes got 15 people (some from a Toyota Fortuner) and began to beat Kumar up at gun point. We won’t reveal how it ended so read the whole story here.

Karma comes back to bite us all, as evidenced in our World update.

Samsung Chief, Worth $6.2 Billion, Is Now in Jail

Jay Y. Lee, the leader of South Korea’s Samsung Group, now calls a 71-foot cell at the Seoul Detention Centre home. Arrested in connection with the corruption scandal that forced S. Korean President Park Geun-hye to resign, he has to sleep in a mattress on the floor and use a toilet behind a partition. Read the whole story here.

Nice Catch! Skydiving Employee Saves Toddler

Jesse Leos is a ninja whose day job is at Houston’s iFly indoor skydiving facility.


Saba Qamar Who Once Called Salman Khan ‘’Chhichhora’ Now Calls Him ‘Humble’

Two years ago, Pakistani actress Saba Qamar said she won’t work with Salman Khan because he is chhichhora and can’t dance. Now, after the video recently went viral, she said it was just “fun at that moment.” Saba will make her Bollywood debut opposite Irrfan Khan in the film, Hindi Medium. Read the whole story here.

Watch the Making of Beauty and the Beast

Go behind the scenes with Emma Watson to watch the making of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

It’s time for Sports and today, we are looking at badminton.

P.V. Sindhu Breaks Into Top Five of BWF World Rankings

Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu is the second Indian woman to break into the top 5 in the latest BWF World Rankings. She is at number 5 and is the highest placed Indian woman on the list. Saina Nehwal is at number 10.

If you love cars you have to thank the individual who take the limelight in Today in History.


Enzo Ferrari was born today in 1898. You may not be able to own a Prancing Horse but you can definitely dream about it.


IIT Profs Show Railways How To Make Timetable in 5 Minutes

Generally, it takes the Railways 15 days to prepare a timetable for the local trains. A team of professors from IIT Mumbai worked with them and have come up with software that makes it possible to come with a timetable in just five minutes. Read the whole story here.

Today’s News That Will Make You Smile, will also make the world more breathable.

Bangladeshi Rickshawpuller Plants One Tree A Day for 48 Years

Abdul Samad Sheikh is an insomniac. When he can’t sleep at night, he gets out of his home and goes to plant a tree. He’s been doing this every day…errr, night for the last 48 years. Read the whole story here.