The FOMO Times: February 22, 2017

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This is what happened in Mumbai City today.

Mumbai Police Shuts Down Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De gets an epic response from the Mumbai Police after trying to body shame a cop. Have to say, the Mumbai Police Twitter account is awesome. Read the whole story here.

Disabled Voters Forced to Trudge Uphill for 3km to Vote

The city isn’t really kind to the specially abled and this incident only reaffirms it. Residents Andheri’s Cheshire Disability Home had to trudge 3 kilometres uphill to caste their vote after their centre was changed. As a result, only 4 out of 19 could manage to vote. Read the whole story here.

Two student-related issues got to our National update today.

ABVP-AISA Activists Clash At Ramjas College in Delhi, Many Injured

Ramjas professor

Student political groups ABVP and AISA clashed at Ramjas College in Delhi a day after JNU’s Umar Khalid’s visit was cancelled at the college. A lot of people were injured in the clashes, including a professor of English (pictured above). Read the whole story here.

Diabetic CBSE Students Allowed to Eat Snacks During Exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced that type-I diabetic students will be allowed to eat snacks during examinations. The snacks will be kept with the invigilator and handed over when the students need it. Read the whole story here.

A quick round-up of all that’s going on in the World these days.

Bavaria in Germany to Ban Full-Face Veil

The state of Bavaria in Germany has announced plans to ban the full-face veil in government workplaces, places of education and while driving. Basically, this means Muslims cannot wear the burqua and the niqab. Read the whole story here.

Iceland President Wants to Ban Pineapple on Pizza

Iceland President Guoni Johannesson wants to ban pineapple on pizza. He hates the combination and said that if he could pass a law banning it, he would. Oh, the anger! Read the whole story here.

Sports is all about cricket today.

We are underdogs: Steve Smith

This is the last thing we would expect to hear from an Australian supporter, let alone the captain of the Australian cricket team. Where’s the whole “In your face” attitude gone, Steve? Don’t tell us you guys want to be 90s England. Read the whole story here.

Irfan Pathan Put Out This Heart-Felt Message on Twitter


When Irfan Pathan wasn’t picked by any IPL team in the recent auctions, the former India all-rounder took to Twitter to share his feelings with his fans. You are still the man, Irfan!

Lion is heading to the Oscars this year. We reviewed it for our Entertainment section.

Lion is a Must-Watch


Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Sunny Pawar will make your heart ache. You laugh, you smile, your feel the pain, you cry…….you feel thousands of emotions in 129 minutes. Go watch Lion not just because it’s fantastic film that made it to the Oscar’s but because it will move you. Read the whole review here.

Today in History, one of nature’s greatest friends was born. Steve Irwin left us too soon but his legacy lives on.


A sad day in India’s Tech scene, and the e-commerce space.

Snapdeal Founders to Fire 600 People, Take 100% Pay Cut

E-commerce website Snapdeal announced today that it would letting around 600 employees go (number may go up) and that founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal would take a 100% pay cut, as the company moves to become profitable in two years. Read the whole story here.

Today’s News That Will Make You Smile Comes from the Africas.

African Farmer Deliver Water to Wild Animals During Drought

Patrick Kilonzo Mwala is a pea farmer in drought-stricken Kenya. Every week, he travels three times to a waterhole where he pumps out 12,000 litres of water so that zebras, elephants, lions, and other wild animals don’t go hungry. Read the whole story here.