The FOMO Times: February 8, 2017

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FOMO Times Bayside Journal

You are probably on your way back home. Here’s your daily round-up of the news that happened while you were busy studying/working/making the world a better place.

Starting off with some City News:

Dadar to Get Two New Platforms


Dadar station is all set to get two new platforms. While this is a good thing, we don’t really know if two more platforms are going to make much of a difference. Dadar gets close to 3 lakh commuters who board and get off trains daily. Think about it, 750 local trains + 90 long distance trains. Are two platforms really going to make that much of a difference?

Mumbai’s BDSM Clubs

We bet you didn’t know Mumbai has a very active BDSM lifestyle going on that ‘regular’ folk don’t know about. Neither did we! Apparently, these people are quite happening and have a very successful underground scene, and it’s nothing like 50 Shades of Grey.

While Mumbai is sure to inspire the news EL James, Japan has been getting jiggy with India. This is what happened in National News.

Japan Luring Indians With Green Card

Phew! All those IT guys who are worried about Trump’s proposed H1B visa bill, a new doorway has opened up for you. Japan has introduced a Green Card program for skilled Indians that will enable them to obtain permanent residency within 24-48 months.

Educated Women Having Sex Mutiple Times Before Marriage Cannot Sue For Rape, says Kerala High Court 

Men’s activists can heave a sigh of relief. The Kerala High Court has ruled that having consensual sex multiple times on the promise of marriage cannot be used a reason to file rape charges. The Court said it’s not possible to cheat a woman so many times on the promise of rape. This ruling came on the back of an appeal made by Ratheesh Ramachandran, a 31-year old who was found guilty by a trial court in 2012 and was sentenced to simple imprisonment for seven years and a fine of Rs. 15,000/- was imposed on him.

Things are looking increasingly bleak around the World with Russia going on the offensive.

Russia in ‘Time of War’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country’s air force to be prepared for ‘time of war’. State news agency TASS reported that a ‘snap check’ of all of Russia’s forces is underway. Russia is making its biggest Arctic military push since the Cold War and is going to expand its military might in 2017.

Suicide Bomber Kills 20 at Kabul Supreme Court

Another day, another bombing in Afghanistan. Twenty people were killed in a suicide bombing at Kabul’s Supreme Court. The injured add up to 41 and rising. All of the people are civilians. A total of 3,498 civilians were killed in 2016 in Afghanistan, according to the UN. 2017 isn’t turning out so great either.

All of us complain that cricket is awash in money (compared to other Sports) but ground realities are a little different.

India’s U-19 Cricket Team Has No Money 

The India Under-19 squad and management, including coach Rahul Dravid have not received their daily allowances due to an administrative issue. They are relying on family for food. Oddly enough, they have been put up in posh hotels. And, you thought Indian cricket has money!

Don Bradman Wouldn’t Been That Great Today: Rodney Hogg

Sir Donald Bradman, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsman ever lived, may not have been that successful if he played cricket in present times says former Australian fast bowler Rodney Hogg. Sacrilege or the truth?

Sanju Baba is making a comeback on the Big Screen. And Manisha Koirala is going to be his mom. Whaaat? That’s Entertainment for you.

Manisha Koirala to Play Nargis in Sanjay Dutt Biopic

Manisha Koirala will play Sanjay Dutt’s late mother Nargis Dutt in the biopic and Sanjay Dutt contemplated playing his father Sunil Dutt! All this and more with an inside source revealing some juicy details about the hotly-anticipated biopic.

Shahid Kapoor Shares First Picture of His Baby Girl

The actor revealed the first picture of his infant daughter on his Instagram account and fans are calling the baby a ‘carbon copy’ of Shahid. Wonder when she will make her appearance on Koffee With Karan.