The FOMO Times: February 9, 2017

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Mumbai is one of the greatest cities in the world. That doesn’t mean stupid people don’t live here. Plenty of them do. Today, we have two examples of stupidity from the City.

Two Men Move in with Transgenders After Being Humiliated by Family

You have to hunt for kindness in Mumbai. People who you think will support you don’t, while you get love and warmth from unexpected sources. Like Navnath Sawant and Ajay Pujari, two men who always identified themselves as transgender, but were not accepted by their friends and families. The harassment got so much that they moved in with Malwani’s hijra community who welcomed them with open arms.

Idiot TV Actress Arrested for Posing with Cobra

People will do anything for publicity. It was only a few days ago that a man died after kissing a cobra but that did not deter actress Shruti Ulfat, who was arrested by the Thane Forest department from posing with a cobra. Utha le re Deva, are baba saanp ko nahi!

From idiots in the city to idiots in university, you won’t believe what’s going on in the Nation.

BHU Girls Not Allowed to Eat Non Veg, or Use Mobile Phones


Girls these days are losing all sense of self. This is why it is a good thing that Banaras Hindu University has taken some strict steps to ensure that they are kept in check. Girls at BHU cannot eat non-veg food (though boys are allowed to), are not allowed to use the Internet (though boys are allowed to), and not allowed to use mobile phones after 9 p.m. (though boys are allowed to).

Pakistani Spy Pigeon Escapes From Rajasthan Police Custody


The Pakistani pigeon that was captured by Indian authorities has managed to escape after a constable lifted the cage and the bird just…. flew away.  Weirdly, the bird didn’t care about the fact that it was being held on espionage charges and decided that it won’t respect the law of the land. Funny how animals are like that sometimes.

With all the depressing news coming in from the country, we tried to look out into the World to see if we could find something a little more positive.

Rapist and Victim Give TED Talk Together

They are the last two people you would expect to share a stage together but that’s what Icelander Thordis Elva and her rapist—former boyfriend Tom Stranger did. She wrote to him, he acknowledged his actions, confessed and the talk has gone viral.

Pakistani Barber Cuts Hair With Fire

We know we are a little late on this but check this out! Shafqut Rajput is a barber in Bahawalpur who cuts his customers’ hair using fire. FIRE, we tell you! Check out the video.

Cricket and tennis are two Sports that are always in the news in India. And, we have two stories for you: One on-field and one off-field.

India On Top Versus Bangladesh

Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay put India in a commanding position at the end of Day one of India’s only Test against Bangladesh in Hyderabad today. Kohli ws unbeaten on 111, Vijay made 108 and Cheteshwar Pujara helped himself to 83. This was a bad day for Bangladesh’s bowlers. Let’s just say it: With the kind of form India is in at home, they don’t really have a shot of winning.

Sania Mirza Loses Set To Tax Department

The Service Tax department in Hyderabad has issued a notice to tennis star Sania Mirza for non-compliance. The notice says:

“Whereas an investigation against you about non-payment/evasion of Service Tax/contravention of provisions of  Finance Act 1994 and Rules made there under is being inquired. I have reasons to believe you are in possession of facts or/and documents and things which are relevant to the inquiry.”

“You are hereby summoned under Central Excise Act, 1944 made applicable to service Tax matters under Finance Act, 1994 to appear before the Office in person or by an authorised agent on February 16 to give evidence truthfully on such matters concerning the enquiry as you may be asked to produce the documents and things,” it said.

“If you fail to comply with this summons and intentionally avoid to attend or to give evidence and to produce the documents and things, without a lawful excuse, you will be liable to be punished under the relevant provisions of IPC.”

Aaj ka Entertainment ka dose. It’s a small dose

SRK’s Daughter Performs in a Play

King Khan’s daughter’s performance in a play cracked us up! Future Alia in the making? Watch and decide.

And to end off today’s news update with some Positive News.

Woofiano Ronaldo Saves 80 Dogs

You may hate Cristiano Ronaldo but you have to love him for this. He has stepped in to rescue a kennel that houses 80 dogs from closure. You’ve earned our respect Ron.