The FOMO Times: March 18, 2017

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Mumbai City can’t stand love these days, it seems.

Man Forced to Apologise for Hugging His Girlfriend by Islamic Fundamentalists

A Bhiwandi man was forced to apologise on video after a video of him proposing to his girlfriend and embracing her went viral and drew the wrath of fundamentalist Muslim oraganisations in the area. The couple was threatened and has fled the city. Read more here.

No More Taxpayer Funded ‘Work Trips’ For Babus

BMC chief Ajoy Mehta said he will issue a new order that prohibits unnecessary foreign tours at the taxpayer’s expense. Civic officials are allowed to visit the factories of companies that are based abroad if they are involved in a BMC project. Read more here.

The Nation today was sad, funny and serious.

Sikkim Has India’s Highest Suicide Rate

Sikkim may be the third richest state in India but it also has the highest suicide rate in the country. It’s triple the national average. Read more here.

Be Punctual Or Face Action: Govt to UP Babus

The BJP has issued a circular to all government employees in Uttar Pradesh directing them to report on time to work from Monday, March 20 or face strict action. Read more here.

From Oxygen to Sugarcane, Cow Urine is Good For Everything

Cow (re-edit)-01

Cow urine should be given to cancer patients and should also be used in sugarcane farms. No, these are not blabberings of uneducated people, this is what our MPs in Rajya Sabha have been discussing. Read more here.

Bad news on the Education front if you have chosen engineering as your career.

60% Indian Engineering Grads Without Jobs

Over 60% of India’s engineering graduates remain unemployed every year according to a report by the All India Council for Technical Education. Less than one percent of the eight lakh graduating engineers annually get internships. Read more here.

The Donald is back in our World.

Donald Trump Refuses to Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand

Donald Trump refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand for the cameras as the pair met for the first time as leaders of two of the most powerful countries in the world today. The US President was decidedly frosty when he met the German Chancellor. Read more here.

Today In History, we look at back at Michael Jordan’s comeback after retirement.


Disney is sticking to its guns in our Entertainment section.

Disney Says Won’t Cut Gay Moment From Beauty and the Beast, Pulls Movie From Malaysia

Disney said that it will not be cutting a gay moment from Beauty and the Beast to placate the country’s Islamic sensibilities. Read more here.

Kapil Sharma Reveals Girlfriend to World Via Twitter Post

Comedian Kapil Sharma formally introduced his girlfriend to the world with a tweet. Read more here.

Indian Sports lost a star today.

National Racer Ashwin Sundar and Wife Die in Fiery Car Crash

National car racing champion Ashwin Sundar and wife Nivedhita died in the early hours of Saturday morning after their BMW crashed into a tree and burst into flames. Read more here.

Pujara, Cummins Star on Day Three in Ranchi 

India ended day three of the third Test at Ranchi at 360/6. Cheteshwar Pujara held fort for India with a brilliant 130 not out while Pat Cummins took 4/59 to ensure that honours were evenly split. Read more here.

Today’s News That Will Make You Smile will also encourage you to exercise.

This Lady Ran From Pune to Goa to Raise Awareness About Child Molestation

Anuja Mudda ran 450 km in eight days from Pune to Goa to raise funds and awareness about child molestation. She raised Rs. 1.5 lakhs for the cause. Read about her journey here.