The Game Called ‘LIFE’

Rule of birth and death

If you have simple rules to play with, complexity might just develop. The three rules that guide us in our lives are pretty popularly known as-

the rule of Birth,

the rule of death,

the simplest of all! ‘Survival’

Out of the simple rules of a life guided by atoms, myriad creatures can evolve out of no-where- creatures that can crawl- creatures that fired out smaller creatures. Just imagine, everything depends on the position and combination of atoms! A small variation in the position of a single atom and you have a new result, isn’t that true for an instance? In our own human body, we have numerous cells and a lot many combinations and structuring of the DNA, RNA etc. and the cell configuration of the heart promising to be a wholesome different from that of our lung. And then in our offspring, a small atomic reconfiguration result to a completely new individual( of-course the offspring retains some configurations that was in his or her parent). But that is what we have been seeing all around! I mean, so many beautiful creations in our nature….. what really do you think must be differentiating one from the other? A bird from a lizard to an ape and a human being in toto, the gamut is intriguing to the very sense of the atomic arrangements, doesn’t it seem to be that way?

‘Science dismantled the notion that life was created with a Purpose’. In this rational universe then, based on the assumptions, theories, laws and postulates, there is no need for a creator- there seems to be actually no design in life- no design whatsoever. It’s just a consequence of a random behavior. In this universe then, there seems no special purpose in our evolution. We are simply the result of atoms, time and mathematics………..

Now, how many would really agree upon that??????????

Yes, many out there do believe in the phrase of a. So, here is something that probably will interest them scientifically………….

Some Cosmologists still see a greater meaning in our existence. Watching the beautification in creation, an individual shouldn’t accept that we are accidentally or coincidentally to the universe. Actually if we see the world around, then we’ll find that this universe is irrelevant without us. If there wasn’t living in the universe, the beautiful stuff in the cosmos will just be a complete waste. It is like a beautiful girl is standing in the crowd and then, the crowd is actually empty. So, there won’t be anyone to admire her beauty and as such her beauty would be a complete waste.

Although life is driven by mathematics and the laws of Nature, there is still something mysterious in these laws itself. Take gravity, for instance, perhaps the most familiar of the numerous laws. Its value determines how much things are attracted to each other- from us being stuck to the Earth, to the Earth sulking out the Sun to the stars staying close to their positions in a galaxy billions of light years away. Just a tiny adjustment to the value of ‘g’ and our universe won’t emerge at all. If ‘g’ is very strong, anything as big as us would get crushed. If no ‘g’ at all, no stars will ever exist because the steering fact is that ‘they are all held by the force of gravity’.

Other such laws are equally fine tuned to allow our creation. For some, these laws are governed by our own existence and not by mathematics and this is what the domain of physics doesn’t find interesting at all because most physicists want mathematics to govern the laws.

Well, there are Rational explanations to why these values were set so precisely. The key lies at the very outset of creation, our own universe. The undermined truth for the religious principles to really look out is that if there is such an explanation to the very existence of fine tuning in our universe, then fine tuning  may not sound to be so mystical anymore but once again, all will be veiled by mathematics, which probably has nothing to deal with our own existence.

The Entropic principle existed as an exciting but eccentric with its theory. But then, a completely new law of nature was discovered and our own universe relied on this law being so precisely tuned that it seemed no rational theory would ever explain it…….

Our Universe seems to be defined by a set of numbers, which seem to be so special, a coincidence that may find numerous roots- an outcome of some kind of design Providence, a brute fact we had to accept because they may be defined by some theory that we haven’t yet discovered. The laws of nature are so precisely set that it required the hand of a creator really!!!!!!!! An antigravity force present in the space itself called the COSMOLOGICAL constant and when cosmologists calculated its effect on the evolution of the universe, they realized that it had to be very finely tuned indeed. With this value hidden in nature, it can’t allow us to deny that our universe was ‘DESIGNED’ and the Designed universe requires the existence of a ‘DESIGNER’ and a notion that even the entropic scientists didn’t want to entertain. Discoveries always lead the scientists to the point of an intelligent designer.


There are some people who love mystery and really enjoy not having all the answers and then, there are the ones who fear mystery and just want to have all the answers.  These people would be delighted to find a book offering all the answers saying, ‘Now here is all the answers. Now, go back to your work and don’t worry anymore’ and so these special group of individuals leave all the beautiful offerings of life and then go into their domain and start meditating or chanting or whatever and then when someone asks them to clear off their queries which are more intended towards countering a practical life, their answer is ‘Here is the solution of all your problems. Just read it once and all your doubts will be over’ and so, the chain continues without the mystery is really solved. Many people find security and condolence in that while many don’t. They want to explore more and come up with new discoveries that probably will help solve our doubts one day.

Some people would say that this apparent fine tuning of the universe is a brute fact. Actually, we wouldn’t be here to worry about the issue otherwise if that is how things were to be.

Others are being more perplexed and it invokes Providence or creator to explain that things were set up with the aim of producing a complex universe. Some people are satisfied with a religious explanation, whereas a few think it’s a scientific question which deserves to be addressed by a COSMOLOGISTS.

Find out the mystery and the solution offered by the COSMOLOGISTS in the next segment…………………

Signing off-

Arnab Chakraborty

Source by Arnab Chakraborty