The Greatest Internet Trolls of All Time

Convincing people that microwaving their iPhones could charge it and hijacking TIME magazine’s list are just some of the legendary trolls on this list

Big Internet pranks are quickly becoming the stuff of legends with major news agencies and the general public believing almost everything on the worldwide web. Evil geniuses like the guys at 4Chan have successfully managed to convince people that microwaving your iPhones can somehow charge the device. Redditors list out the greatest Internet trolls of all time.

1. When You’re So Good No One Believes It’s a Prank

Way back in Wikipedia’s infancy, a guy edited the page for coati to include the line “Also known as a Brazilian aardvark”. It stuck so hard and fast, that when he tried to change it a few years later, his edits were reversed, citing numerous sources that the coat is also called a Brazilian aardvark. It wasn’t, they were just using Wikipedia as a reference. The edit in question. [Yserbius]

2. Comedian Russel Brand’s Mum

Runner up would be the redditor who invented a name for Russel Brand’s mum. So the guy saw the elder Mrs. Brand accompanying her son at an awards ceremony (I think it was the Oscars). He quickly edits Russel Brand’s Wikipedia page to give a name to his mother that he invented. Within a few hours, websites around the world included her “name” in their pictures. [Yserbius]

3. Changing History

I ready a story on this website once of a guy who changed the date of the founding of his town from 1336 to 1337, and now the town uses 1337 as the official date. [david9876543210]

4. 9,000 Penises

When 4chan got Oprah to say “over 9000 penises” on TV. [Crabrubber]

5. Making People Believe Bieber had Cancer

When countless preteen/teenage girls shaved their heads because 4chan convinced them Bieber had cancer. [LarrcasM]

6. The Sports Fan Mega Troll

This is not going to be quite as popular here, but there is a twitter user who goes by @UncleChaps. Chaps is a fan of American football, and he changes his nickname and avatar to resemble some of the more well-known football reporters and tweets out fake headlines. Nearly every year, one of the sports networks falls for it and generates a huge buzz around some major transaction that never happened. [Drunken_Vike]

Article here.

7. The Legend that is 4Chan

– They got moot #1 in the TIME magazine.

4Chan member manipulated the website using coding to get founder Christopher Poole to be named the most influential person on the planet. Not only did they do that, they got the first letters of the next 20 names to spell out ‘Marblecake, also the game’.

– They completely took over a Mountain Dew naming contest.

Mountain Dew and it’s parent company Pepsi launched a contest where they ask people to submit names for a “green-apple-infused beverage.” The best names (and vote-getters) courtesy users at 4Chan were ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’, ‘Sour Granny Slap’, and ‘Diabeetus’

– They sent Pitbull to Alaska.

4Chan manipulated a Facebook contest to send pop singer Pitbull to Alaska. Pitbull realised it was a set-up but went and performed in a Walmart anyway. Now, that’s called being a good sport.

– They convinced people that microwaving your iPhone would recharge it.

After Apple launched its iOS operating system in 2014, 4Chan users came up with a fake advertisement that mimicked Apple’s designs. The ad claimed that the new AppleWave feature “allows your device to be charged wirelessly through microwave frequencies,” and that “Wave can be used to quickly charge your device’s battery using any standard household microwave”.

– They manipulated 50 Million Names Twitter to send a terrorist threat to American Airlines.

An anti-abortion activist created the  50 Million Names project and had a Twitter bot tweeting out the names of aborted babies. The guys at 4Chan sent out prank names like ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. One name “A Baby named @AmericanAir I’m Going to blow up a plane if I don’t get $50,000 cash” actually caught the attention of American Airlines itself who mistook it for an actual terror threat. Now that’s what you call trolling!