The Hidden Dangers of the Facial Care Market – 3 Common Ingredients

Three common ingredients in facial creams that could harm your health and life.


Most of us do not care to look at the list of ingredients when searching for products on the facial care market. But this is actually the most important thing you can do because often there are unhealthy chemicals hidden in your skin care products.

The following are ingredients widely used in skin creams in the facial care market that have been linked to several issues and even cancer. Although the evidence is not completely comprehensive, is not it better to be safe than sorry?

1. Dioxane

This is a synthetic derivative of coconut and usually contains high concentrations of 1,4-Dioxane which is easily absorbed by the skin and known to the state of California, USA, to cause cancer. It is also suspected to cause organ toxicity.

2. Parabens

Scientific studies suggest Parabens may cause cancer, specifically breast cancer. It is a conservative that is widely used in the skin creams of today’s facial care market and can also cause rashes and cause hormonal issues.

3. Fragrances

It is hard to know whether a fragrance is safe or not because it can refer to up to 4000 various ingredients many of which are toxic and even carcinogenic. Fragrance should not be used over your whole body, as they can cause irritability, hyperactivity, and depression. It is better to just apply a perfume, which you’ll only dot onto a few places.

It seems outrageous that these ingredients are legal when they clearly have many risks attached to them. But remember; they mostly do not give adverse health-effects over night, it can take months or years for cancer and other serious conditions to develop.

To avoid these risky ingredients that are not effective for anything really, except being good for the companies’ economies, look for completely natural products instead.

Source by Ingela M. Johansson