The History of the World in Under 20 Minutes

Youtuber Bill Wurtz gives a fun, brief history of the world in this entertaining video

Image: Youtube/ Bill Wurtz

“Hi, you’re floating on a rock in space. Pretty cool huh?” says Bill Wurtz before he gets into how the universe came to be. After a few existential questions, he goes straight into the development of the universe, our solar system, the existence of life on this planet and the evolution of civilisation. He talks a bit about the Indo Valley Civilisation, the ancient Greeks and the Romans, the Persian Empire among others. What we liked was that he was not that focused on the West and spoke a bit about Chandragupta and Mauryan Empire, Chinese dynasties and the massive Mongol rule.

He moves on to the Vikings, Columbus discovering America and colonialism. Moving on to more present times, he briefly covers the Great Depression, WW2, The Cold War to the present day where the “ocean is full of plastic” and there is global warming. The animations are simple and fluid, but we would have liked it if Wurtz could have slowed down the pace of his narrative. Watch it here, we promise it won’t put you to sleep like your History class in school: