The Importance of Different Types Of Safety Signs

Is it a process of providing information or instructions?


Safety signs are the alert signs that help in indicating various hazards ahead. These signs help in reducing accidents at the workplace and on road side. It is a process of providing information or instructions by means of placing required signboards.Image result for traffic signal

Different type of hazards required a different type of safety signs or Labels There are several safety labels available in the market. All we need is to figure out the right sign as per our requirement.

Safety Signs consists of words, Messages and a pictorial symbol with a variety of shapes, size, and colors. Each Sign color is standardized and reflects a specific meaning.

Sign colors defined by ANSI:

  • Red color reflects immediate hazardous situations that will cause death or other serious injuries like Danger signs and Fire Signs.
  • Orange Color represents a potentially unsafe situation that could cause serious injury and indicated by warning Signs.
  • Yellow color used to alert against unsafe practices, which if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injuries like Caution Signs.
  • Green color indicates the emergency egress location, first aids, and other safety equipment.
  • Blue color is used to convey safety information on signs.

Different type of Safety Signs:

  • Traffic Signs: They are erected on the road side to provide information to the road users. They help in avoiding dangerous Road accidents.
  • Parking Signs: These signs are used to tell people about no parking area, parking lot area and reserved parking for special guests and handicaps.
  • Speed Limit Signs: These help in warning drivers to slow down their speed with the aim of reducing the chance of any accident. Various speed limit signs are School, or hospital ahead signs.
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs: These signs are used to point the location of fire extinguishers. Reflective Fire Extinguisher signs help to spot extinguishers in emergency black out.

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Source by Hayley Wells