The Key To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Make Him See He Can’t Live Without You!


What makes you chase your ex boyfriend and lose your dignity and pride? It is because you feel that he will find another woman and you don’t know how you can live without him. The more he ignores you, the more desperate you get. By doing this you are acting exactly the way he expects you to act. It gives your ex boyfriend a big ego boost to see a lovely girl like you begging for his love.

Men can be very stupid at times, and although he still loves you, your ex can’t resist the feeling of power that it gives him when you tell him you can’t live without him. The worst part of this is that as long as you feed his ego by telling him how much you love him, you will have a hard time getting your ex back. What you need to learn is that the fastest way to get a man back is to make him miss you.

Getting your ex boyfriend back is seldom easy, but you don’t want to make it any harder than it has to be. The truth is, that as long as he knows he can have you anytime he wants you, he will keep rejecting you. So, what will make him come running back to you? This might seem crazy, but showing him you can live without him will make your ex start missing you and want you back.

This is because of the way his mind works. Being a male, he will want what he can’t have and reject what is easy to get. When you are throwing yourself at him, you are making yourself too easy. The best thing you can do in this situation is make yourself scarce. You aren’t going to give your ex boyfriend up, but you are going to make him think you have.

Start living your life like you had never met your ex. Go out with girlfriends and have fun the way you used to. Reconnect with your family and take up a hobby or do some volunteer work. You won’t forget your ex boyfriend, but it will be a lot easier to live without him. However, the real purpose of you letting him go is to change his attitude toward you.

When you stop trying to get him back, you won’t be doing what he expects anymore. This will make him wonder what happened to make you stop loving him. He will wonder where you are and when he hears about you being out with your friends, your ex will wonder if you are looking for another guy. This is when he will begin to miss you and realize how important you are to his happiness.

When you show your man that you can live without him, he will usually realize he can’t live without you. By giving him the space and time to see what his life is like without you, you have made him see how much he loves you. Soon the only focus of his life will be getting back the woman he let get away and he will come running back to your arms.

Source by H. L. Archer