The Law of Attraction – Make It Work for You

You must begin to live the kind of life that attracts positive energy and that gives off positive energy


Have you been trying to use the Law of Attraction to make your life better and to attract the type of lifestyle you want? This article will cover some techniques and other things that will make your use of the Law of Attraction easier and more productive. It is not something you do once and then hope you get what you want. To engage the Law of Attraction you have to make some major life and mindset adjustments. You must begin to live the kind of life that attracts positive energy and that gives off positive energy. Here are some things that will make it easier for you.

Start by taking care of yourself. Nurture your mind, body, and soul. Plan your growth in each area and nurture each as you would a growing plant. Help spread the roots deep and wide within you.


Recognize the abundance that you already have. Look around you. Do you have housing, food, transportation, clothing? What else do you have? You see, the Universe has already bought you abundance. Be sure to show your gratitude for everything you have every day.

Pay attention to how to respond to things and make positive changes. If you worry over household bills be grateful for what you have in exchange for them. Begin thinking differently. Begin seeing things differently. Focus on the positive aspects of things rather than the negative.

Get off auto-pilot. Live your life intentionally and with passion. Create your goals and target them in everything you do. Take planned action to achieve your desires.

Be energy focused. Talk about it, notice it. Surround yourself with people who have high positive energy. “Catch” some of it for yourself and pass it on to others. Acknowledge people for their positive energy – let them know how appreciative you are of it.

Expect to receive your heart’s desire and accept it when you get it. Learn to recognize opportunities when they show up. Do not be surprised when they do not look exactly like you have imagined them to be. The Universe will provide what you need. Sometimes that is different from what you think you want.

Do not be hesitant. When opportunity shows up, grab it. Even though it may not feel exactly right take advantage of it. You may be very surprised at what the Universe has to offer you. You can be assured that it will always be better than what you had imagined for yourself.

Hopefully, you have found this useful information. I wish for you only the best of everything.

Source by Lynn Banis