The Lazy Times: February 1, 2017

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Who has the time to keep with all of the day’s news? Yes, we understand your problem. Bayside Journal brings to you all the day’s new top news in one place. So tomorrow, when your friends are discussing what was hot today, you are not only up-to-date but can also give your two piece to the discussion. You can thank us later.


Madras HC: Don’t Harass Family Members of Jallikattu Protestors

The Madras High Court has directed the police not to harass the family members of protesters who have cases against them in coonection with the Jallikattu protests.

Union Budget Presented Today

Here are a few highlights of India’s Budget 2017: Income tax rate was reduced to 5% from 10% for people with incomes between 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh,  the merger of the Railway Budget into the general Budget and scrapping Plan-Non-Plan bifurcation.

Modi to Spend $59 billion to Modernise Infrastructure

Indian Government plans to build and modernize its railways, airports and roads.

Sensex Rises 500 Points after Budget Announcement

The Sensex closed 486 points higher at 28,142 and Nifty closed at 8,716, up 155 points after the government announced a record spending of 3.96 lakh crore.


US Army Allows Construction of Dakota Pipeline

After President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order expressing his support for the controversial pipeline, the Army Corps of Engineers have been directed to allow work on the final section.

Istanbul Gunman Ends Threat

Earlier there were reports than an armed man had taken some people hostage in Istanbul. This has been proved incorrect after it was reported that a mentally unstable man who was threatening to kill himself and others has ended his threat.

Trump Faces 42 Lawsuits

Trump has been named in 42 federal lawsuits since his inauguration twelve days ago.

Fighting Escalates in Eastern Ukraine

Pro-Russia rebels have violated a number of ceasefires and eight Ukranian soldiers have been killed.


Shah Rukh Khan and Abram Visit Golden Temple

SRK shared an adorable picture of his youngest on social media while they were on a visit to Amritsar’s Golden Temple.

TV Actor Robbed

Namish Taneja was reportedly robbed of 4 lakhs of possessions while at an exhibition stall.

Jon Stewart Mocks Trump’s Executive Orders

Jon Stewart’s savage readout of President Donald Trump’s “future executive orders” on the Stephen Colbert show is the best thing you’ll see on the Internet today.


Russia Stripped of Olympic Medal

Sprinter Antonina Krivoshapka has been tested positive for steroid turinabol which means that Russia loses their 4x400m relay silver from London 2012.

Mustafizur Rahman to Miss Test Against India

The Bangladeshi pacer will not be a part of the one-off Test against India in Hyderabad from February 9-13. He will be replaced with Shafiul Islam.

Arsenal Loses to Watford

Arsenal suffered a 2-1 defeat at home to Watford on Tuesday. This is their first loss at home since the beginning of the season.