The Mumbai Shoe Survey: What’s Mumbai Wearing on Its Feet

Men in Mumbai are increasingly becoming metrosexual and they are not afraid to flaunt their metrosexuality.

When we set out to conduct the Mumbai Shoe Survey, we didn’t expect these results. We had to backtrack and recheck every one of the people we had spoken to. The answers they gave were in sync with the data that’s been presented.

This shoe survey reaffirms the finding of The Bathroom Habits of Mumbai Men.

There’s a difference of just Rs. 1,000/- between the amount of money a man spends on shoes in a year vis-a-vis the amount a woman does. The average Mumbai man owns five pairs of shoes while the woman owns eight.

Men own formal shoes, casual shoes, gym shoes, flip flops, and almost a third of the men surveyed own a pair of Converse shoes.

Women own a variety of shoes for a variety of occasions. Hardly any of them own casual shoes and if they do, they don’t deem it worthy enough of being counted in.

Men run through a pair within eight months while women do so in six. And a lot of women buy shoes from the street. “The shoes at Bandra and Colaba Causeway are perfect to wear for a month or so and then I throw them away,” says Natasha Ghosh, a 19-year old student from HR College.

The most expensive pair of shoes owned by women we surveyed was a Rs.  20,000/- shoe from Gucci. For men, it was a Rs, 13,000/- shoes from “…some designer my wife likes. I don’t even wear it so often,” says Raghav Mishra, 43 years old and working as a vice-president in a broking firm.

Enjoy the infographic. I am off to some shoe-shopping of my own.