The New Yamaha Bolt Vs Harley 883 "Bobber" Style Motorycle

The Yamaha Bolt comes with multiple colors white, black, and in the R model You can get camo green along with other colors. I found out the Yamaha Bolt R spec engine size is 942cc (57.5cc) Vs the Harley 883’s, 883cc (53.9ci). They bolt come with an air cooled V-Twin motor. Off the line on the Iron 883 you will feel the pulsing sensation, just like a Harley. Which can be cool at first, but on a long ride more or less annoying and sometimes tiring.

The Bolts engine is mounted straight to the frame. It eliminates most of that pulsing and vibrating that the Harley has. You will definatly feel the lowend torque off the bottem end of the bolt. Where as on the Harley you really have to wind out the motor to get it going. The are both great bikes, but some experts say the bolt blows the Harley out of the water. They better, Yamaha has had a LONG TIME to study their competition.

Harley’s suspension has 3.62″ inches of travel, while the Yamaha Bolt offers 4.7″ of travel. That’s almost 1″ of difference in travel alone. In the rear the Harley offers 1.63″ of Travel and The Bolt has 2.8″ of travel and a remote rear resovoir to absorb bumps. Which all leads to better handling in the Bolt. Oh yea I forgot to mention the Bolt has a full inch more ground clearance which helps you get through those tight corners. Lets talk about weight the Bolt comes in at 540LBS, and the Harley comes in at 573LBS, that’s almost thirty pounds,relevant to a big of dry cement.

So now that you know some of the obvious specs, it comes down to are you a Harley guy. Loud pipes saves lifes club. Or will you try something new and test ride the bolt? Another thing I found very “ballsy” by yamaha was that the Yamaha’s MSRP is $7990.00 and the 883’s MSRP is $7999.00. So why in heck would anyone try to make a nine dollar less price differance compared to the Harley. Harley’s are know to be expensive, so to sell these Bolt’s wouldn’t you market less than nine bucks. This way you’re dealerships wouldn’t have that HUGE rebuttal to deal with?!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my article, ride safe.

Check out the video below it has links to more videos and comparisons.

See walkaround and Comparison Video Here

Source by Randy James