The Pehalwan Who Saved Hindus From a Rampaging Mob in 1947 Pakistan

Salman Khan is all set to make a TV series on Gama Pehalwan

Ghulam Mohammed aka Gama Pehalwan was born in Amritsar on May 22, 1878, and undefeated in 50 years of wrestling.

He won the Rustam-e-Hind (Champion of India) and Rustam e-Zaman (Champion of the World). He challenged 12 wrestlers from Europe and America, and defeated them in one day!

His diet was massive: He consumed 20 litres of milk, half kg of pure butter and 4 kg of fruits DAILY.

His exercise routine consisted of 3,000 push-ups and 5,000 sit-ups every day. And you thought 100 sit-ups were brutal.

He moved to Lahore in 1947. During the partition, a huge mob assembled to kill the Hindus on the road. Gama Pehalwan and his crew of wrestlers from his akhada stood in front of them and challenged them to go ahead. When the lead hooligan approached him, Pehalwan lifted him and threw him away. Obviously, the mob ran away.

He died on May 23, 1960, at the age of 82. Salman Khan is all set to make a TV series on Gama Pehalwan with brother Sohail Khan playing the lead role.