The proper use of the car lifts

Are you aware of the term car lifts? Well it is the most important thing that I think a mechanic should use in his garage. This is mainly used in order to lift the cars and the vehicles.  But you must remember that

  • When you are using the car lifts the engine of the car must be off.
  • The car must be set on to the neutral position.
  • Be sure that the lifts are locked into the place.
  • Go for the security checks and carry on with your repair works.
  • The racing must be done in a slow process, when the car is on the height the lift.
  • Load the lift correctly.
  • Maintain the parts of the machine in a regular basis.

Many mechanics are afraid of the lift with the fear that if it may fall on them, but if you follow the above given instructions no such problems will occur.

If you are the domestic user, and maintain your own car by your own then I would suggest you to opt for the car lifts for garages. This will help you a lot in the lifting purpose and also car lifts for garages worth investing as now you don’t have to waste your penny foe the mechanics. Just do it yourself using the car lifts and get your thing done.

But if it’s the case that you are a professional mechanic, in that case your choice for the lift must be a robust one. Also you must clean and maintain it at the same time otherwise you may land into big troubles.

You can also go for the hydraulic auto lift. The use and the operations of the hydraulic auto lift is not hard. But what you need to know is the proper way of handling of the lift.

How to load?

  • When you are to load, always remember to turn off the engine.
  • The doors must be closed securely.
  • Make the transmission neutral.
  • Take a look that the other things like the antennae and all not getting damaged.
  • Locate the area for the hold and the raising purpose.
  • The pads must be well set.
  • If you want you can take the help of the adapters.
  • Check for the auto chokes.

How to raise the lift?

  • Don’t raise the total all at once.
  • Do till the weight of the car is held totally by the lift and thereafter stop.
  • This will help to correct the position of the parts (if needed).
  • Check the adaptors.
  • If you doubt the safety or even the security then please lower it and check it again.
  • Get completely sure and safe before starting your work.

Elevating the load

  • When you are done then run the system.
  • Make it slowly and decrease the speed as it rise upward.
  • This is done to avoid the jerks, which in turn result in the braking of the seal and leakage of the fluid, so you must not avoid doing this.

These are completely and the best as long as you use it in the correct manner, maintain all the rules and I can assure you that you will get your ultimate result without any sort of damage of the car.

Source by Jack Anderson