The Real Score: What You Should Know Before Buying A Radar Detector


Nowadays, having a radar detector in your car has become an essential accessory you shouldn’t leave home without. The main reason why radar detectors have become popular gadgets these days is because they help you avoid one important thing—a speed ticket. These are costly, can entangle you in legal hassles, and even increase your insurance premiums if you are not careful.

As a driver, you should know that speeding is one of the most common traffic violations you can possibly commit in your lifetime. Although some drivers are extra careful on the road, there are instances wherein they cannot help but commit this violation, due perhaps, to many other factors apart from carelessness or impatience. These are the kinds of drivers who can benefit from investing in a high quality radar detector.

What does a radar detector actually do and how can it help you avoid accruing speeding tickets?

A radar detector is a gadget which allows a driver to know whether a speed detector or a radar system is in place. Where there are radars, the police will surely be nearby, ready to pounce on helpless drivers. If you have a detector installed in your car, you will receive alerts in due time so that you can reduce your speed, slow down, and avoid getting a speeding ticket. In some instances, some gadgets also help you avoid being detected altogether. It seems that a radar detector is such a wonderful investment, and it is. However, there are still some things you need to consider before going out and buying one.

The product features

In this game, early detection of the presence of any police radar gives you an advantage. This is exactly what a radar detector should do for you. In the past, the police were only limited to a single bandwidth, now, they are also using sophisticated technology to detect from within the X, Ka, and K bands. For this reason, an important product feature you should look out for is ability to detect all three bands. Next, it helps if your radar detector has sensors that can be mounted in front and at the back with a lead unit discreetly running the whole thing. With a 360-degree coverage, you are sure to avoid being detected by any kind of radar system. Another important consideration is if the unit can be easily operated with one hand. This is because, you will be using the gadget while on the road so making adjustments and turning the alarm on and off must be done easily and quickly.

The legal aspects

Before rushing out to buy one, keep in mind that some states actually prohibit the use of radar detectors. For example, the District of Columbia, Virginia, and most provinces in Canada consider it illegal to install a radar detector or similar gadgets in ALL kinds of vehicles. Meanwhile, in Illinois and Michigan, they prohibit these in commercial vehicles.

Apart from taking note of product features and price, it is also important to know local and state laws with regard to buying detectors. By being armed with the right information, you can be sure that your investment will be a good one.

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